Tennis Overgrip Vs Replacement Grip Comparison

Replacement Grips and Overgrips are the two different types of grips.

The two main differences between tennis racquet overgrip and replacement grips come with the cost and durability. 

Replacement grips are made from a rubber material that is designed to simulate the feel of leather.

Tennis racquet replacement grips also provide more durability than overgrips because they are designed to fit a wide range of racquets and are cheaper if you need to replace them.

Overgrips require specially made sheets of silicone rubber that need to be cut into pieces and then wrapped around the grip. Overgrips are usually more expensive than replacement grips because they require more effort, time, and tools.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Tennis Overgrips:


The benefits of a tennis racquet overgrip can be broken down into two different categories. 

  • The first is that it increases the life expectancy of your grip
  • The second is that it provides you with the best performance possible.

Overgrips are designed to feel like leather and are replaceable which allows you to keep your grip looking new longer than would be possible if you just used a replacement grip.

With an overgrip, it’s also easier to precisely control the amount of tension and power you put into every shot. This enhances your game-play by providing less slipping both during contact with the ball and after contact.

Overgrips will provide you with more tactical and precise gameplay than a replacement grip would because of its texture and stretchy material. This allows players to specifically control how much tension they put into each shot based on their needs or during specific shots.

Overgrips also has a unique feel that provides you with a better sense of timing than what most people get from standard replacement grips.


There are very few disadvantages associated with overgrips that might affect your game-play experience. 

  • The disadvantage of a tennis racquet overgrip is that they are more expensive than replacement grips. This is because an overgrip requires you to buy the specially made sheet of silicone rubber. In addition, if you make the wrong choice on the overgrip, it can be difficult to remove.

Replacement grip, on the other hand, only requires you to buy a replacement grip for a fraction of the cost and will come off easily when you need to take it off.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Replacement Grip:


  • They are cheaper than overgrips
  • Can easily be put on the grip and removed from the grip
  • More durable than overgrips but lacks in feel


  • The disadvantages of replacement grips are that then they must be replaced every few months. This can lead to increased costs in the long term. 
  • The second disadvantage is that replacement grips don’t provide as much feel (can cause blisters) or control to the player as an overgrip would, especially when it comes to providing subtle movements.

Overgrips and replacement grips will provide you with different levels of performance for your tennis game. 

Ultimately it comes down to deciding which one is right for you based on the type of player you are and what fits into your budget most effectively. 

They both have their own unique benefits that differentiate them from each other so when looking at options make sure you take these differences into consideration before making any final decisions about which ones would be best suited for you.

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