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Serving and volleying is a style of play that relies on quickness, agility, and speed. Though this style of play is not for everyone, it requires excellent racquet control to be successful. It also takes an advanced level of fitness to maintain the stamina necessary to keep up with the fast-paced nature of serve and volley tennis. 

There are many options available, and each player has their own preference. However, there are some basic characteristics that all serve and volley players should look for in a racquet.

We will help you learn more about what makes good tennis racquets for players who love playing serve and volley games. We’ll give you some recommendations as well as tell you what you should look out for when purchasing the best tennis racquet for serve and volley players.

Best Tennis Racquets For Serve and Volley Reviews

1. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph – Best Tennis Racquet for Serve and Volley

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This Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet is perfect for those players looking to make their serve and volley shots more powerful, precise, and accurate. It’s a great racquet with an open string pattern that helps players grip the ball during the volleys to send them back over the net with spin, making it difficult for your opponent to return.

It has a 12.5-ounce weight, which helps you get through tough points and helps bring precision from further away in order to snap up the point if your opponent misreads or misses his shot.

Another key feature is its forgiveness, advanced string tension settings that will give advanced players better results on off-centered shots without having to injure themselves by hitting harder than needed.

The laser print onto the surface of the frame so you can feel as if you have Roger Federer’s signature as your playing partner!

Strung Weight12.5 ounces
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelAll Levels

2. Prince Phantom Pro 100G – Best Serve and Volleying Racquet

The Prince phantom pro 100G is a racquet for better control and reduced arm fatigue. It has a relatively low swing weight making groundstrokes and volleys absolutely effortless.

It’s an improvement in style, swing weight, and lower balance point that delivers better performance.

Its weight makes it easier to swing through contact, the frame provides additional stability by reducing excess movement.

Head Size100 sq. in
Grip Size4 1/2
Length27 in
Strung Weight11.5 oz. / 326 g
Unstrung Weight11.1 oz. / 315 g
String Pattern16 Mains x 18 Crosses

3. YONEX VCore Pro 97HD 18×20 Green Tennis Racquet

If you’ve been frustrated with your racquets or want a more forgiving one, the YONEX VCore Pro 97HD 18×20 Green is perfect. It has no hard edges and a gentle touch on arm swings for the most comfortable feel yet. You can hold it steady without worrying about playing out of control because there are plenty of options to offer excellent precision like never before.

The backhand shots have extra control as well and the handling stays really smooth and consistent up to the last point (or set). The only cons in this racquet are that when making forehand shots, it may take more skill than what other racquets might require.

The price is also affordable and reasonable. So, if you’re looking for a new look in the court and something different than what others offer, this one is perfect for you!

Grip Size4 1/2
Weight11.8 Ounces

4. Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Tennis Racquet

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The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Tennis Racquet will surely make you feel like a pro. With its tear-drop-shaped head, spiral fibers, and energy return it’s perfect for lazy afternoons on the court or long hours of strenuous training with your team.

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Tennis Racquet is made with a low stiffness giving you more power and control but without the sharp pain in your arm.

Grip Size4 1/4

5. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet

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Babolat understands that when you’re in the game, you can’t let anything stand in your way. Whether it’s the wind or the rain, achieving victory is your only ambition. Babolat offers a Pure Strike tennis racquet with great balance and excellent control for serious tennis players of all skill levels. 

With unique power from SMAC, a new polymer material, and a perfect concave frame shape, this racquet provides maximum stability without sacrificing feel on any shot type. When you strike the ball from Pure Strike it feels softer than if struck by another kind of racquet, so perform to perfection with this luxurious tool today.

Grip Size4 1/2
Weight10.76 Ounces
String Pattern16/19

6. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racquet – best serve and volley tennis racquet

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racquet has been designed by experts to provide player power and stability. Around the throat of this Wilson, the racquet has a Volcanic Frame Technology for maximum speed and control. In the past, your stringer would have had you protesting out on the court because he couldn’t find a comfortable opening to get started with his needle.

But now the enlarged headspace makes threading easy, so you can focus more on winning than trying not to startle halfway through with pain shooting up your arm! Four stop shock pads also reduce vibration at contact for greater comfort in your elbow area. Everywhere but down is covered here.

Head Size112-square inch
Grip Size4 3/8 inches

7. Wilson Six One 95 18×20 – best racquet for serve and volley

When you need to show your competitors what’s up, this Wilson Six One 95 Tennis Racquet is the racquet to reach for.

Thanks to its 18×20 string pattern that’s pinpoint accurate and capable of dealing with power, professional players will delight in its accuracy at targeting opponents. Prestrung by Wilson Sensation 17 strings at medium tension, it has the ability to hit with precision.

Head Size95 sq. inches
Grip Size4 1/4 Inch
Strung Weight11.7 oz / 332 grams
Unstrung Weight12.3 oz / 348 grams
String Pattern18 Mains x 20 Crosses
Skill LevelAdvanced

What to Consider Before Buying a Best Tennis Racquet for Serve and Volley?

What to look for when buying your next serve and volley tennis racquet? 

Let’s take a look at the main things you’ll be looking for in your new serve and volley tennis racquet.


This is a very important consideration simply because you’ll be able to hit with more spin if you use an oversize, open head frame. The bigger the racquet head, the more room there will be for larger sweet spots. 


With serve and volley tennis racquets you’re going to want as much string spacing as possible. That’s because when your strings are close together it makes it harder to get full power underneath your shots without “canoeing” or “curling” them. 

Another reason why it helps is that tight string spacing adds extra weight (or heftiness) on either side of the sweet spot which also gives your shot extra topspin potential! Depending on the brand, many oversize frames have what’s called “Twin Frame” string spacing. This means that the strings are doubled up on both sides of the mainframe which gives you more POP!


The best serve and volley racquets are going to be light (or midweight) for when you’re trying to get under shots with ease. In addition, a serve and volley tennis racquet should feature an open, larger head area so as to provide extra room for “sweet spot” mass.


In order to keep maneuverability high while still getting access to bigger sweet spots, it helps if your serve and volley tennis racquet is shorter than average  (such as 26.5 inches or less) . That way you’ll have a better chance of hitting flat shots that land deep in the court (which is why it’s IMPORTANT to use oversize frames, too).


The best serve and volley tennis racquets should feel HEAVY on impact so that you can tell when a shot is going to come out with extra power behind it! This will help you get more consistent results while playing which leads us to our next topic:


There are certain things that only advanced players know about when it comes to improving their game. These advanced players have had years of practice and experience under their belts so they instinctively know how to play better.

Best Tennis Racquet For Serve And Volley Players

Don’t worry, though! As long as you’re willing to put in these same years of practice and experience you’ll be able to follow the advice below that’s tailored just for those playing with serve and volley racquets:

As mentioned before, it should go without saying that the more time you spend on the court practicing your serve and volley shots will be the most beneficial.


In order to maximize efficiency when using a serve and volley tennis racquet (or any other type) get into the habit of only serving and volleying:

1. Your opponent is serving (and you feel like you have an advantage that can be used to win the point)

2. You’re in a rally and your ball bounces deep into the court, leaving a big “dead” spot for you to run onto after your opponent hits it back!


There are some instances where it’s best not to use them at all:

1. When both players are rallying from the baseline (such as when multiple points occurred due to missed serves or shots going out). 

The reason why is that when you try to run onto a deep shot from the baseline you’ll find yourself out of position for doing so. What ends up happening is that your opponent will hit you on your backhand (or another side) while you’re busy running across the court!

2. When your opponent has good drop shot skills and can use them to win points by tricking (and confusing) opponents into going for shots that are too deep or off the mark.

To guard against this, make sure to watch where your opponent is hitting his/her drop shots from! If they’re consistently putting it in similar spots each time then try to adjust accordingly. It’s all about positioning when playing high-level tennis!


The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is the best tennis racquet for players who excel at serving and volleying.

If you want to be able to hit your groundstrokes with more power, this racquet will allow you to do just that.

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