10 Best Tennis Racquets For Under $200 in 2022

The best thing about tennis is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or gear to play. Tennis is a low-cost sport that doesn’t require much equipment to play. It is more of a mental sport than a physical one, and these best tennis racquets under 200 will help you perform better on the court. Many best tennis racquets under 200 can be used by intermediate, professional, and even beginners players.

You just have to choose the one that fits your level of play and experience in playing the game. It is advisable to choose a racquet based on your height rather than age or skill level.

Here are the top best tennis racquets under 200 you should consider trying out:

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Best tennis racquets under 200 Reviewed

1. WILSON Blade Team V7.0 Tennis Racquet Review

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The Wilson Blade Team V7.0 tennis racquet is well-developed for aggressive players, enhancing dwell time and adding control during periods of strong play.

It has arm-friendly comfort and playability as well as a pre-strung with Wilson sensation string bed to give you those deep, rich shots on target without sacrificing power.

The string bed response is forgiving, while the frame has a comfortable arm position and upright balance for ease of use by many different skill types. This prestrung racquet pairs quality with comfort putting you in command on the court.

2. HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed LITE Tennis Racquet Review

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HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed LITE Tennis Racquet is the ultimate upgrade for hard-hitting, fast-moving tennis players.

Experience the power and precision of HEAD’s revolutionary graphene technologies in a tennis racquet. With innovative spiral fibers for enhanced flex, the 360+ Speed Lite is easier on your arm and lightweight to help you reach those powerful shots.

It only weighs 265 grams so your arm will never feel fatigued even if you’ve played for hours. With its lightweight and innovative design, it’s perfect for all speeds of play.

You won’t be disappointed with this easy-to-handle racquet as you’re inspired to go faster than ever.

3. Wilson One Tennis Racquet Review

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Wilson makes the most beautiful (& functional!) tennis racquets out there, and this Wilson One Tennis Racquet is no different. With a large head size for players who want to be all up in their opponent’s face, an extended length that gives you greater reach than any other racquet on the market, and just enough power & comfortability to take your game to another level without compromising control. It’s tough to find anything better than what Wilson offers.

No matter if you’re playing competitively or recreationally (or both!), this Racquet is going to fit you perfectly.

4. YONEX VCORE Pro 97 HD Tennis Racquet Review

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The YONEX VCORE Pro 97 HD Tennis Racquet is a big-hitting player’s dream. It offers excellent stability and control, with high comfort that never feels unwieldy.

Be assured that when you step up to the ball and swing with confidence, your connection of the handle and string will be comfortable and precise.

YONEX VCORE Pro 97 Racquet gives players excellent stability and great control so they can get on top of their game.

5. HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet Review

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HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet is a great choice for players who want to add some power and stability without sacrificing control to a moderate swing. The oversized head makes it easy for beginner-to-intermediate level players to get the ball over the net, while still being able to hit shots with additional force.

Titanium and graphite alloy frame adds even more stability so beginners don’t have quite as much of an adjustment period.

6. HEAD Gravity LITE Tennis Racquet Review

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The HEAD Gravity LITE Tennis Racquet is a racquet that balances lightweight and strong durability with a bold, distinctive flip design. With its graphene 360+ technology, this racquet allows players to generate clean, powerful swings while still maintaining the right amount of flex. 

It also features an enlarged sweet spot serving up more power for players of any level, and lower vibration which delivers clean contact on impact with minimal noise. All this plus a bold, eye-catching design that was created specifically to make a statement on the court.

7. Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet Review

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Babolat racquets are made to give you power, precision, and speed. The Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet boasts maneuverable features like the Headlight technology for optimal visibility. With great string-beds which produce powerful shots, this lightweight racquet is strong yet sleek with smooth edges that won’t deflect off your game.

A softer feel means less muscle fatigue during playtime. No matter if you’re turning pro or just trying something new; help yourself improve tennis skills with Babolat pure drive lite tennis racquet.

8. Babolat Strike Evo Tennis Racquet Review

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The Babolat Strike Evo Tennis Racquet with a large head size ensures forgiveness and simplicity in powering through your swings.

Whether you’re an intermediate player needing the next step up from a beginner’s racket or a competitive junior, this racquet offers just what you need to keep improving your game without unnecessary bells and whistles that might distract from the really important parts of tennis.

This tennis racquet does not come with a cover so be sure to purchase one before hitting the court.

9. Babolat Evo Drive Strung Tennis Racquet Review

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The Babolat Evo Drive SWX tennis racquet is the redesigned, lighter-weight replacement for your old favorite. It’s perfect for those of you who want an easy swing without sacrificing stability or with difficulty making contact.

The open string pattern and 16×17 shape do what they can to improve shock and vibration absorption which increases its power and control too! Now with so many new features, there will be no need to hit the “reset” button on your game simply because we’ve made an update that will ensure all roundness in every stroke you play.

10. BABOLAT Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet Review

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Racquet has a newer and more comfortable design than previous models, which means the ball will be easier to control. With this racquet’s large sweet spot, beginners and intermediate level players can play with plenty of power.

The BABOLAT Drive Max 110 tennis racquet is perfect for any player looking for a professional-level experience, adding some power to your strokes without having any vibrations, since there won’t be any vibration at all.

Things to consider before buying best tennis racquets under 200?


The weight of the racquet affects your swing, as well as how easy it is to handle it. For beginners, a racquet that is light is usually easier to use. An advanced player might require a racquet that has some weight to it.

Best Tennis Racquets For Under 200 reviews


The length of the racquet affects your swing. A longer racquet will have a slower swing, while a shorter one will have a faster swing.

A longer racquet is usually better for beginners, while advanced players might prefer a shorter one.

Head Size:

The larger the head size, the easier it is to generate power. If you are an intermediate or advanced player, then a racquet with a large head will be good.


The more spin you generate, the more control you will have on your shots. Advanced players usually prefer a racquet that has a larger head size.


Comfort is subjective, and everyone has a different level of comfort that they prefer. However, a comfortable racquet will give you more control over your shots. Beginners will want a racquet that is easy to handle, while advanced players might consider comfort less important.


If you are an advanced player, then you might want a racquet with more power.


There are many tennis racquets that will suit your needs. The best ones for under $200 all have their pros and cons, but our top 3 favorites in this price range include the WILSON Blade Team V7.0, HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed, and Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does An Expensive Racquet Make Me Play Better?

A good tennis racquet will definitely help you improve your skills, but it won’t instantly make you a better player. Practice and training are the only things that can improve your skills on the court. An expensive racquet can be helpful to an intermediate or experienced player, but it is not necessary in order to become a good tennis player.

What is the best $200 tennis racquet in 2021?

Head Ti s6 (Best Selling)
Wilson One Tennis Racquet (Most Powerful)
HEAD Graphene 360+ (Most Comfortable)

What $200 racquet do professional players prefer?

Roger Federer – Babolat Pure Drive
Novak Djokovic – Head Graphene Extreme Pro
Kei Nishikori – Wilson Blade 98 18×20

When Should I Upgrade My Racquet?

You should upgrade your racquet when you feel like the one that you are using doesn’t make you play better anymore. When the strings become very loose, or you just simply want to try a new model, then it is the right time to upgrade your racquet.

What Is The Best Racquet For Improving My Game?

A good racquet for improving your game is a mid-priced tennis racquet that has an open string pattern, regardless of the size. It should also have a stiff frame and medium-high weight to it.

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