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Passionate about tennis, and aim to master the skills required to be a professional tennis player? So you are searching for the gadget that can be at the other end of the tennis court throwing you shots as per your settings? And here you are at the right sight. We searched the internet and filtered out the best portable tennis ball machine.

Looking at the wonders of portable machines, you will be amazed like we were. These machines that are designed to be easily maneuvered offer compact size, and are lightweight. You can carry them effortlessly, for they fit comfortably in the car occupying a little space. The portable machines encompass a flexible hopper and towing wheels that are the primary elements to facilitate movement.

best portable tennis ball machine reviews

The tennis ball gadgets are equipped with advanced features such as remote control through a mobile app, multiple oscillation modes, trajectories, and optional ball speed adjustment. They are powered by a battery, yet they can be connected to AC output for the direct power source.

Highlighting the benefits of these machines, we are now heading towards the review of our selected product. Go ahead and give it a read!

Best Portable Tennis Ball Machines Comparison:

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1. Spinshot-Player Best Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

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Program your tennis drills with the best seller Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine. This machine has the ability to let you practice more so that your skills and movement improve in the game.

The Programmed Drills customization is a phenomenal feature of this machine. For each of the six sequential shots, this permits you to determine the height, speed, spin, and direction, and then save them in the personalized drills.

There are already 12 pre-programmed drills installed in the machine that give you a complete range of shots so you can play more. Not only this, this machine grants you options to design your own drills according to your preference. You can go for vertical, horizontal, 2-line, or combined oscillation modes whenever you want.

The Spinshot tennis ball machines come with an extendable square-shaped hopper besides towing wheels that allow easy maneuverability. The machine has dimensions of 50cm height, 45cm length x 30cm width, and weighs around 19kg.

You can connect the machine to your phone or Apple Watch and save your created drills so that you can start the game directly by pressing the drill-x button. Android and iPhone-based applications are free to download and use.

If you want to train regularly, and you are looking for a reliable machine then the Spinshot Player is the perfect choice for you. With pre-programmed drills, you get a lot of variant shots to play and practice, so this is going to be a great investment for you.


  • Patented
  • De-jam design 120 ball capacity
  • Fully programmed drills Phone remote control
  • AC and battery-powered
  • Front panel control
  • Portable


  • Battery issues

2. Spinshot Plus – Best for Maneuverability

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Practice and improve your tennis skills with SpinShot Plus Tennis Ball Machine, which is portable, features advanced specs, and is distinguished as the #1 tennis ball machine. The review of this machine will let you know more about this gadget.

The most significant feature of this machine is its portability. The towing wheels at the bottom of the machine and the side handles allow you to move it from one place to another inside the tennis court effortlessly. Adding to that, the square-shaped extendable hopper assists in portability and folds down so you can store it in the car’s trunk.

The Spinshot Plus machine lets you do the drill by providing you with randomized vertical and horizontal oscillations. The two-line horizontal and vertical oscillation aims to let you continuously play the adjusted range of shots.

There are five oscillation modes. These programs make you play spin, shots, and speed. You can do the vertical oscillation settings through h1-h2, and w1-w2 to change the width of the two-line oscillation.

Along with this, you can control the speed of the ball by setting it as per your preferred choice. The speed of the ball ranges from 10km/h to 120km/h, and the feed rate can be set from 2 seconds to 10-second intervals. The machine has a capacity of 120 balls.

Moreover, you can now operate the machine controls with the remote app on your phone. Remote applications available in Android and iOS phones provide you the feasibility to connect with the machine, as well as the stable Wi-Fi connection also contributes towards its technical features.

A Portable, convenient, and top-rated tennis ball machine from Spinshot Plus is another viable option that you can list down. The fact that it can connect with a remote control app makes things more personalized for you. So this machine can be a great deal for you.


  • Portable Wi-Fi connection
  • Five oscillation modes
  • AC powered and can run on battery as well
  • Settings through the control panel or mobile app


  • Programmed drill shots in one sequence are not possible

3. Spinshot Pro Best for Being Lightweight

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Complete Review: Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine Review

This machine has proven its advantages for professionals, beginners as well as children. With easy controls and multi-functionality, the Spinshot pro tennis ball machine is our next gadget to be reviewed.

The Pro Model of the Spinshot differs from the Plus model on the point that it’s also convenient for children interested in playing tennis. The machine weighs 20kg, and the dimensions are 50cm Height, 45cm Length, and 30cm Wide.

The machine throws shots at the speed of 10km/h to 120km/h, and the feed rate is from 2 sec to 10-second intervals that is the same as the Plus model of the Spinshot. The machine offers randomized horizontal oscillation, along with ball trajectories from Ground Stroke to the long angel.

The extendable, square-shaped hopped allows you to transport and store the machine conveniently. The towing wheels at the bottom assist in portability.

It is powered by AC output, as well as through a battery connection. The remote controller app controls the machine from a distance, while you can manually control it through knob adjustment controls.

Spinshot pro is an ideal tennis ball machine if you are planning to buy one for children. It is equally suitable for professionals and beginners as well, so investing in this machine means more versatile options you are going to have while playing tennis.


  • 120 balls capacity
  • Easy control with remote app
  • Horizontal oscillation
  • Easy transfer
  • Battery controlled 10km/h to 120km/h speed
  • Portable


  • Battery issues sometimes

4. Wilson portable tennis ball machine review

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Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine has been designed by bringing into consideration all your requirements from the best tennis ball machine. The US-based makers of Wilson manufactured a high-end portable machine that has succeeded in delivering quality and performance.

The machine throws balls at the speed of 75 MPH, and the ball feed rate is from 1 to 10 seconds. The ball capacity is 100 balls. It features topspin and underspin shots that can be adjusted from light to heavy. The built-in oscillator makes you chase the ball while delivering shots randomly across the court practicing hit on the run.

The battery-powered machine allows you to play a 3-4 hour long tennis session. The recharging time required is 7-8 hours, or it will be charged completely overnight, and automatically stop so as to prevent overcharging.

The remote control is not included in the package, but you can order a 2-button remote control for starting and stopping ball delivery. The ball trajectory is set from groundstroke to lob angel through the Electron Elevation Control.

Wilson tennis ball machine is from a magnificent company Sports Tutor that cares for your expectations from a tennis machine. This can be one of the options you can look for when buying a tennis ball machine.


  • Three years warranty
  • Battery-powered Inbuilt oscillator
  • Auto shut-off charging when full
  • Portable


  • Tennis balls might get stuck

5. Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine Review

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Sports tutor is considered as the #1 US-Based Tennis Machine company, and this Tennis Cube is an extravagant machine manufactured by Sports Tutor. Featuring some fantastic specs, this gadget is next to be reviewed on our list of best portable tennis ball machines.

The built-in oscillator throws shots at random angles across the court so that you can practice hitting on the run. The machine throws balls at the speed of 10-50 MPH, with a capacity of 70 balls. The feed rate of tennis balls goes from 2-10 seconds. The ball trajectories range from groundstrokes to lobs.

The control panel here entails adjustable knobs that proffer convenient adjustment, and no complex programming is required. The machine runs on a rechargeable battery that works for up to two hours per session.

The machine is built in the USA, and the company grants three years warranty, to make sure that in case any damage occurs, it is corrected as soon as possible.

This tennis cube with oscillators allows you to master your game by playing some perfect shots thrown by this machine. Having a straightforward control system, and compactness entailed, this sports machine is a good value for money product.


  • Knob control panel
  • Three years warranty
  • 10-50 mph speed
  • 70 balls capacity
  • In-built oscillator for throwing random shots


  • Battery issues may occur


Tennis ball machines are a great source for practicing and playing tennis so to improve skills and master the shots. It’s a piece of perfect equipment if you choose tennis as a part of your daily exercise. From the five products we reviewed above, we are mentioning here the product that we think has the best potential.

Based on the numerous benefits offered by the portable tennis ball machines, they are a must-have for training sessions, tennis courts to provide ample time for trainers to play tennis and practice shorts.

Reaching the end of the article, we are hopeful that this has helped you a lot in gathering relevant information about the top-ranked portable machines. Share your feedback and stay tuned for more content.

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