Yonex Super Grap VS Wilson Pro Overgrip

To tennis players, an overgrip is as important as a tennis racquet. There are lots of tennis overgrips in the market that tennis players would like to try and see if they suit their tennis playing style.

There are two top tennis overgrips: Yonex Super Grap and Wilson Pro OverGrip. Here we will compare these two kinds of tennis overgrips and find out which one is better and why.

First, we must know what a tennis overgrip is for. The purpose of a tennis overgrip is to provide you with extra grip on your tennis racquet so that no matter how hard you swing your tennis racquet, it will not slip from your hand even when you get profusely sweaty.

Yonex Super Grap VS Wilson Pro Overgrip

You must be wondering if tennis overgrips could help prevent tennis racquets from slipping off your hand, why should you bother changing the existing tennis overgrip on your racquet? After all, it works fine right? Well not exactly. There are several reasons behind this:

1. Tension in tennis strings changes means different amounts of pressure is exerted onto the tennis racquet handle resulting in less grip offered by regular tennis overgrip, thus forcing you to change to a new one or add more layers of old one (if that helps). The same thing happens when the tennis seasons change.

2. Maintaining the tennis racquet and tennis overgrips is important as well, tennis overgrips that are not taken care of would lose their gripping power and those that are overused without proper cleaning will wear off sooner, break down easily and eventually fall apart. 

Regular maintenance (i.e tennis string tension checks, regular cleaning of your tennis racquets, etc.) keeps both your tennis racquet and your tennis overgrip in tip-top condition so they can deliver ultimate performance at all times.

Yonex Super Grap:

Yonex super grap Overgrip comes with a strong adhesive so it is very easy to use and has good durability. It is very resistant to tennis string tension changes and it does not peel off easily even when you play tennis with lots of sweat.

Wilson Pro OverGrip:

Wilson overgrip is also easy to use and has good durability as well. However, this tennis overgrip comes in a roll rather than the grip tape design like Yonex overgrips so it can be problematic to cover larger areas such as the tennis racquet handle.

Regardless of which tennis overgrip you choose, all tennis players agree on one thing: tennis overgrips are a necessity to make your tennis playing experience even more fun and enjoyable.

So it is important that you always have a backup tennis overgrip at hand in case the current tennis overgrip wears out or loses its gripping power so that you won’t have to face any interruptions during tennis matches due to sudden loss of grip on the tennis racquet handle.

Yonex Super Grap VS Wilson Pro Overgrip Comparison Table

The main difference between these two overgrips is that the Wilson pro overgrip is very durable and tacky, While the Yonex super grap is not durable, it is tacky but the tackiness does not last long enough. For more details please check the comparison table.

FeaturesYonex Super Grap OvergripWilson Pro Overgrip
Shock AbsorbingYesYes
Sweat AbsorbingYesYes
Prevents BlistersYesYes
Moisture AbsorbingNoNo
Feel, Comfort & ControlYes, PerfectYes, Perfect
TackyYes, but does not last long enoughYes, best
DurabilityNot good enoughPerfect
Amazon Reviews204726
Amazon Ratings4.74.9/5

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It’s really up to you which tennis overgrip will suit your tennis playing style or tennis needs better but if you are looking for something that would last longer without changing too often, Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip might be your best choice. If you want a more direct feel of the tennis string as well as a less slippery tennis racquet, Yonex Super Grap is your best bet.