How Long Is A Doubles Tennis Match?

How Long Is A Doubles Tennis Match

A doubles tennis match is when four players play against each other in a single tennis game. In the event of a four-person match, there are two teams of two people, and they face off against each other on a singles court. Each team member plays one side of the court.

In a doubles tennis match, the rules between serving and scoring vary from those that govern singles matches. However, generally speaking, the first point goes to whichever team scored the previous point in the prior round. After that first point, it alternates back and forth between teams until one gets two points ahead. The opposing team must then win three consecutive points to claim victory over their opponents for any given set.

To win the entire match, a team must win at least 2 out of 3 sets. The process of winning two sets is referred to as winning a “Match Tiebreak.” If one side does not win two sets within the allotted time, then their opponents are awarded the victory.

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How long does a doubles tennis match last?

It varies depending on the tournament, but most outdoor Doubles Tennis Matches are best of 3 or 5 sets. This means that playing a doubles tennis match can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over 1 hour.

However, indoor Doubles Tennis matches are much shorter, as they are usually the best of 2 sets.

Tennis Doubles matches are shorter than regular tennis singles matches, even if they are the best of 3 or 5 sets. This is because each player only needs to win 1 set in order to win a doubles match, instead of winning two sets as they would need to do for a singles match. The first team that wins 2 sets wins the match.

An example of how long a doubles tennis match could last is if there was one set that lasted 20 minutes, and each set after that lasted 25 minutes. The entire Doubles Tennis Match would last 2 hours 5 minutes or 145 minutes total for this scenario.

Sets In Doubles Tennis:

Tennis tournaments are played in sets. The very first set is usually played to 6 points, instead of the traditional 7. If both teams score 6-6 at the end of the set, then a tiebreaker is played, this can last up to 10 minutes or until one team scores at least 4 points more than the other team.

The second and third sets start as soon as possible after 2 sets worth of games has been completed; for example, if Team A had won three games before their opponent had even scored their first point, then those 3 games would be included in Set 2 (after Team B’s first game). The fourth set works similarly to singles matches: whoever wins two sets first wins the match.

First Serve Advantage

One of the most important rules in Doubles Tennis is that whichever team served last in the prior round gets to serve first in the current round. This is only true for the very first point, after which it alternates back and forth between teams until one player wins two points.


Team A serves the ball first on their first point, then Team B serves second from then on until they win a point off of their serve. Then it automatically switches back to Team A as the serving team for their next point.

The same idea applies if both teams score an equal amount of points before someone wins two points off his or her own serve – whoever outscored their opponent by one more point resumes serving first. For example, in a “7-5,” situation, Team A would resume serving in the next round because they won by two points.

Matches In Doubles Tennis Vs Singles Tennis (Comparison)

Doubles Tennis matches are much shorter than singles matches, even if they go to 3 or 5 sets. This is because each player only needs to win 1 set in order to win a Doubles match instead of winning two sets for an individual match. The first team that wins 2 sets wins the entire game.

Some tennis tournaments require players who compete in doubles to play both styles of the game (Singles and Doubles). Others do not, players can choose just one style of game to play during any given tournament, usually either singles or doubles but not both.

If a player chooses to compete in doubles, they can only play doubles during that entire tournament, this is called the “Doubles Draw.” If a player doesn’t choose to compete in Doubles, then they will participate only in the Singles Draw.

This means that depending on whether or not a player decides to participate in Doubles as well as Singles, their schedule and matches may be different for each draw. The Singles Draw consists of players who have not opted-in for Doubles, whereas the Doubles Draw consists of teams who have opted-in for both singles and doubles tournaments.

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