The Best Tennis Strings Reviews 2022 With Complete Guide

The strings are what make contact with the ball when you swing your racquet. Tennis strings are a vital component that can make a difference in the performance of your tennis racquet. They determine the amount of control and power you have on your shots, as well as how long they will last before needing to be replaced.

We’ll explore some of the best tennis strings available today and what makes them so great. They come in various materials such as nylon, polyester, and polyurethane.

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What is the best tennis strings?

The first thing you need to do is identify your skill level. Once you’ve narrowed it down, choose a string that will suit your needs based on what you need: synthetic materials for beginners, all-around strings for intermediate players, or synthetic materials with tighter windings for advanced players.

Tennis strings can be found in three different categories: beginners, intermediate players, advanced players.

  • Beginners should use a string that is mostly made from synthetic materials which helps make it easier for them to play their shots with ease.
  • Intermediate players need more durability so stay away from those with synthetic material and go for an all-around string type.
  • Advanced players should look for strings that are wound tighter so the racquet and ball rebound with more force. They also need to be able to keep in control of their shots; this is why you want synthetic materials or windings.
Best Tennis Strings Reviews

 All Around

All-around players can use any of the three types listed and make it work because they have good control over how hard they hit the ball, but also know when to hit it flat. If you’re unsure whether you’re an attacking player or defensive player, then I highly recommend getting strings that are made from polyester since these provide optimal control time and time again.


Power players need a string that is durable enough to withstand the impact of their swing. To do this they usually use a synthetic material or one with tighter windings. The strings are built to go in the tension range from 50-60 pounds which makes them suitable for tennis players who like to always be on offense.

Control Players

Control players look for a string that is easy on the arm and provides them with good control time after time. To do this, there are synthetic strings or nylon strings available that have different tension ratings from 20-30 pounds which helps to prevent injury while providing great touch on the ball.


Spin players can use polyester or synthetic materials to enhance the spin on their shots, as well as easier access to getting balls back in the court area.


If you’re looking to string your racquet that’s easier on the arm, you should go for a softer string. They provide great control and are suitable for players who have arm or wrist injuries.


If you like to use your racquet a lot and are looking for a string that will last, there’s a string type that’s right for you. They’re made from synthetic materials (similar to the ones used in fishing lines) so they can stand up against all their shots without wearing out too quickly.

Best Tennis Strings Comparison table:

7 Best Tennis Strings Reviews

1. Wilson Champions Choice Tennis Strings

Wilson’s Champions Choice can be perfectly tailored to the user with the luxury synthetic gut blend. Luxilon Alu Power provides controllable power without losing any initial shock-absorbing capabilities.

It is made with top-quality, non-compressed natural gut which means it lasts longer than cheaper strings and does not lose tension as quickly.

Provides Controllable Power & Control
Natural gut
Good for Shoulder & Elbow pain
Little Costly

2. Wilson NXT Control Tennis Strings – Best tennis strings for arm pain

Wilson NXT Control Series 16 Tennis Racquet String features a comfortable, responsive feel and is made specifically for players looking for an ideal balance. This string reduces vibrations and offers better protection for sensitive strokes.

As tennis enthusiasts ourselves, we know you take every shot seriously, so make sure your gear matches the effort by choosing Wilson NXT Control String.

It’s the perfect mix of comfort and control for players who are looking for performance but don’t want too much tension.

The reduced vibrations also provide a better feel that is gentle on your arm. So if you’ve been struggling with discomfort when playing, try this out.

Wilson NXT Control 16 tennis strings are perfect for racquets like the Wilson ProStaff because they are easy on your arm and wallet.

This first-of-its-kind string is also specially designed to work well in damp or humid conditions, so when playing at Wimbledon feels more like being at home, this string should be your new favorite partner!

Great Comfort & Control
Gentle On Arms
Reduced Vibrations
Loses tension quickly

3. Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String

The HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS is your best choice for intermediate players. This multifilament string will help you play with more power and control while maintaining optimal comfort. With a solid core wrapped by multifilaments, this tennis string has the perfect blend of power, durability, and control that all players are looking for.

Whether you’re an all-arounder who wants to hit the ball hard or a spin king desperate for some extra bite, this string will fit your game perfectly.

Get the ball where it needs to be quickly and confidently with this awesome tennis string today.

Provides Power, Control, and Comfort
Best for intermediate players
Budget String
Not for advanced players

4. Babolat RPM Blast Black Tennis String

No wonder tennis pro Rafael Nadal and other players are teaming up with RPM Blast Black 17g Strings. They love how this new, extruded string performs on the court. The octagonal profile enhances the spin for a shot you can really rally around and command under pressure, while still allowing your playing partner to return your shots with speed.

It features original CO-Polyester construction that’s softer than typical strings but also more durable so it will last many hours of play without needing replacement. 

And the silicone coating allows for easy sliding across each other resulting in a smoother, better touch at contact points (tons of control).

RPM Black 17g String is legendary among every kind of player from beginners to pros!

Spin Friendly
Softer Feel
Ideal for big hitters
Less Elastic String

5. Tecnifibre NRG2 Black Tennis String

Tecnifibre NRG2 is the perfect string for any hitting style as this multifilament construction offers power, playability, and comfort. Built with 100% Elastyl Fibers, which reduce elongation and improves durability, NRG2 provides an unmatched level of all-around performance and feel.

With its Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive, noise pollution is reduced so you can concentrate on your offense with less racquet interference or distraction.

Multifilament Construction
Great Feel
Good for spin
Doesn't last long enough

6. Luxilon ALU Power Tennis String

With the Luxilon ALU Power tennis strings, you get the excellent touch and finesse with a combination of powerful power plus stability.

These strings are so beautifully engineered for an ultimate experience to propel your game. At low tension loss, these strings have resilience co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibers that mean increased elasticity as well as a feel with more touch than you ever thought possible and will restore your energy over 10 times faster than gut and up to 4 times faster than a nylon string, which means less fatigue throughout the match.

This string has been designed for those who need both stability and power to take their game up a level. 

Excellent Touch & Finess
Great Power
Good Feel
Not Good Control

7. Prince Synthetic Duraflex Tennis String

Play like a prince with the Prince Synthetic Gut brand string. Durable and easy on your elbow, it offers players of all skill levels an affordable way to keep playing without getting hurt.

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex is perfect for recreational players who are looking for something a little easier on the body and elbow. The materials used in this string offer durability, comfort, and control in an awesome package at a great price. 

Soft & Durable
Budget Strings
Good for elbow

Final Thought:

We recommend Wilson Champions Choice which is great if your budget isn’t too tight. It’s not only one of the most durable but also has an incredible feel on contact with the ball that will make any player happy! 

But if money is no object, then Head Synthetic Gut PPS may be more up your alley as it offers increased control over power and spin while being slightly less durable than other choices.

The choice is yours so remember to think about what type of experience you want when playing before making your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Does the gauge matter?

The gauge of the string is measured in pounds per inch. You’ll find a wide variety available from 20 to 30 with those being the most common. The higher the number, the more tension you can put on your racquet. As a beginner, it’s recommended that you stay within the lower range until you have better control over how much force you use when hitting your shots.

Time to change my string?

Tennis strings are made to withstand high amounts of tension and still play at their best; even after long periods of time! However, if they’re worn out or have become frayed (which can happen after 2-3 months) then it’s time for them to be changed out to avoid any potential problems.

What string gauge should I use for tennis?

The gauge of the string is measured in pounds per inch. You’ll find a wide variety available from 20 to 30 with those being the most common. The higher the number, the more tension you can put on your racquet.
As a beginner, it’s recommended that you stay within the lower range until you have better control over how much force you use when hitting your shots.