Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you have been playing tennis regularly for a few years now, then you must be thinking of upping your game to become a professional. As you go from being an intermediate-level player to an advanced player, you must learn all that you can about power, ball placement, spin, and control. You must also upgrade your gear from normal ones to the best tennis racquet for advanced players.

This, of course, requires you to start picking up a professional tennis racquet. In this review, I talk about some of the best tennis racquets for advanced players, which will help you to choose the right one for yourself.

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced players Comparison Table:

ImageProductDetails  Price
Babolat Pure Drive Weight: 11.02 oz
Head Size: 100 square inches
Note: good spin and power
Check Price
 Wilson Blade 98Weight: 11 ounces
Note: Best for advanced players
Check Price
 Tecnifibre Tf40 305Note: Good choice for baseliners
Excellent stability
Check Price
Babolat Pure Aero Note: High speed and spin
Less air resistance
Check Price
HEAD Graphene 360 Weight: 11 ounces
Note: Greater spin
More power
Easy to handle
Check Price
YONEX Vcore Pro Weight: 310 grams
Head Size: 97 square inch
Note: Good feel and comfort
Excellent spin
Check Price
Wilson Pro staff 97 Head Size: 97 square inch
Note: Minimizes muscle fatigue
Dampens vibrations
Check Price

Wilson Clash 100
Head Size: 100 sq inch
Note: Stable frame
Quick moving
Check Price
HEAD Graphene 360 Weight: 100 sq inch
Note: High speed
Spin friendly
Check Price
DUNLOP CX 200 Head Size: 95 sq inches
Note: Easy spin access
Quick movement
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1. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 – Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Players


Babolat is a famous name when it comes to the best racquets out there. The Babolat pure drive can be a good choice for both beginners and expert level players, as it can give you the right balance between control and spin.

The Babolat Pure Drive 2018 weighs around 11.02 oz strung and 10.06 oz unstrung. The head size of this racquet is 100 square inches. The bigger head size provides the player with a larger sweet spot, thereby offering more power and control over the ball. This racquet has a 4 points headlight balance making it a mid-weight racquet that is easier to swing.

The material used in the design of this racquet is SMAC that is built into the fiber to provide comfort during the play. The Babolat pure drive is designed to provide more spin as compared to its previous models. The greater spin potential of this racquet is due to the arrangement of its strings. The frame material of this racquet makes it easy to maneuver and move in the air.

good spin and power
Substantial sweet spot area
Easy handling
Increased spin application
Not enough power potential

You should consider buying the Babolat pure drive racquet because of its FSI technology. The Frame String Interaction (FSI) technology used in this racquet provides wider string spacing. This allows for an added string movement when you strike the ball. And as a result, it gives the ball more spin. The string’s diamond grommets give you more power to easily hit the ball. This, in turn, gives you hard-hitting groundstrokes and serves.

2. Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v7 – Professional Tennis Racket


The Wilson blade racquet is another popular tennis racquet brand that has been building racquets for all types of players. The Wilson Blade v7 is an improvement to the previous 16×19 version. This racquet’s 18×20 string pattern makes it consistent and provides more control over racquet direction.

The Wilson Blade 98 comes with a feel flex technology. This means that the frame of the racquet is made with carefully placed carbon. This technology gives you a better feel and comfort when the ball makes an impact on the racquet.

It helps you to make good near-the-net volley shots due to its tight string pattern. When it comes to groundstrokes, the Wilson Blade 98’s 11 ounces lightweight makes it easy to hit balls off of the ground.

Best for advanced players
Good ball impact feel
Stable frame
A substantial amount of control
Topspins harder to perform
Moderate power potential

Wilson Blade 98 provides the right level of feel and comfort, which makes it stand out from the rest of the models. The 18×20 string pattern update makes it more responsive and improves the connected ball feel. You should definitely buy this racquet if you are an aggressive advanced tennis player.

3. Tecnifibre Tf40 305 – Best Tennis Racquet For Power

Best Tennis Racquets For Power

Tecnifibre has come up with a racquet that has been specially designed for professional and advanced level tennis players. It is great for the players who have great control over their mobility on the court.

On ball impact, the Tecnifibre Tf40 305 gives a greater sense of comfort and stability, due to its geometric frame. The swing weight of this racquet is 325, which makes it sturdy. Consequently, it needs to be handled with excellent technique making it suitable for advanced players.

Almost any shot can be achieved with this racquet, be it spin, groundstrokes, volleys, touch, slice, etc. This racquet is here to give you all its all-around impressive performance.

Good choice for baseliners
Performs all shots
Excellent stability
Need to generate spin

The tf40 is suitable for intermediate baseliners who can generate their own spin. The 97.6 square inches head size allows for more control when the ball hits the sweet spot of the racquet. You should definitely buy this racquet as it can help you level up your intermediate game.

4. Babolat Pure Aero – Best Babolat Racquet for Advanced Player


Babolat has been making amazing racquets for a long time now. They always oblige their customers with innovative tennis technology. This time they have come up with the Babolat Pure Aero. One of the special things about this racquet is that it’s used by Rafael Nadal. And who wouldn’t want to play with his choice of a racquet?

The Babolat Pure Aero comes with a 16×19 string pattern and uses classic FSI string technology. This makes the racquet achieve more spin when playing on tennis courts.

With this new model, Babolat has introduced the Carbonply Stabilizer. The purpose of this carbon, constructed on the racquet’s throat, is to provide stability during the game. This racquet is designed for hitting solid serves and groundstrokes with precision.

High speed and spin
Less air resistance
Provides stability and comfort
A bit burdensome on the arm

The best part about the Babolat Pure Aero’s redesign is its Aerodynamic beam construction. This update makes the racquet easily slice through the air with lesser drag and resistance. This also gives the racquet an added speed. It is worth buying if you are looking for such speed.

5. HEAD Graphene 360 – Best tennis racquets for intermediate to advanced players

HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

The Head Graphene 360 Extreme is another great racquet choice for intermediate and advanced players looking for more spin. Its 16×19 spacious string arrangement makes it capable of providing the ultimate spin level needed in the game.

The Graphene 360 technology used in the racquet’s structure makes it firm, stable, and offers good enough control. The spin grommets of this racquet offer a strong bounce-back movement for the long baseline shots.

The weight of this racquet is a little more than 11 ounces. The mid-weight of this racquet makes it quick and easy to maneuver. This racquet is quite responsive due to its 330 swing weight. The extreme mp technology used in this racquet gives an impressive energy return. Consequently, you get increased speed and power over your shots.

Greater spin
More power
Easy to handle
Stable enough
A bit difficult on flatter shots

The Graphene 360 has been designed to offer greater spin and power. This aspect of the 360 makes it very suitable for hard-hitting, aggressive players. If you like to go hard at the tennis ball, then this is the racquet you should buy.

6. YONEX Vcore Pro 310 – Best tennis racquet for control and spin


The YONEX Vcore Pro 310 suits a variety of players, as it is a well-balanced racquet when it comes to its specifications and is a recommend tennis racquet for advanced players. This version comes with a few updates. In addition to some new technologies, the blue color of the previous version has been changed to a rich green color.

The Vcore Pro 310 comes with a Vibration Dampening Mesh technology. The use of VDM in the handle of the racquets dampens the vibration, which makes it flexible. This flexibility gives you moderate control and comfort over the racquet.

The Vcore Pro weighs approximately 310 grams. The lightweight of this racquet increases its maneuverability through the air. The 97 square inch frame area of this racquet gives you a smaller sweet spot. This is an upside for the aggressive players who like to achieve more control with hard strokes.

Increased maneuverability
Good feel and comfort
Excellent spin
Not stable enough

One of the things that need to be appreciated about this racquet is its easy access to spins. The level of ease provided by this racquet makes it effortless to find the racquet’s natural trajectory through the air. For finding quick angles for your swings, this racquet is worth buying.

7. Wilson Pro staff 97 – Best tennis racquets for intermediate to advanced players

Wilson Pro staff 97 CV Countervail

Wilson has redesigned the previous Wilson Pro Staff and added the Countervail technology. The new Pro Staff 97 cv aims to lessen the weariness caused by the previous model. The Countervail is a carbon material integrated into the racquet’s frame. This racquet feels comfortable when swinging and wouldn’t exhaust you right away.

The Pro Staff 97 cv has a 97 square inch head and 16×19 string pattern. These specifications make it suitable for experienced players who are capable of achieving quick control. The braided graphite built into the racquet’s hoop provides the player energy and minimizes the vibrations of the racquet.

The swing weight of this racquet is 318. This makes the racquet easy to move and swing. The easy maneuverability of the Pro Staff CV makes it have an advantage over the previous Pro Staff.

The Pro Staff 97 CV is a spin-friendly, easy-to-use racquet due to its countervail. This is a professional racquet, perfect for advanced players who are looking for a competitive game on the court.

More control for advanced players
User friendly
Minimizes muscle fatigue
Dampens vibrations
A bit unstable

The smaller the head size of the racquet, the more control you will have over its movement and swings. The 97 sq inch head of this racquet lets you have more control to direct your technique of shots. It gives you an added power to practice and perfect serves and groundstrokes. And this makes it an amazing racquet for intermediate and expert players. You should certainly buy this powerful racquet.

8. Wilson Clash 100 – Best tennis racquet for advanced players

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Wilson has been consistent in testing innovative technologies and coming up with new racquet lines. The Wilson Clash 100 of the Clash series is quite something. It is an update on the previous two versions with a major change in the use of technology.

The Clash 100’s most amazing feature is the use of FreeFlex technology. The use of carbon-infused mapping on the racquet’s frame makes it flexible. It allows you to elegantly bend the racquet at strategic points while looking for controlled shots off the ground. The frame bending ability of this racquet makes it easy to spin.

This racquet has a bigger head size of 100 sq inches, which is balanced by its low swing weight of 312. This combination gives the racquet an increased acceleration when playing long groundstrokes.

The 16×19 string pattern, together with its large Head, can help you rapidly move the racquet in the air. The quick-moving ability of the Clash 100 makes it excellent for volley shots.

Flexible and comfortable feel
Stable frame
Quick moving
Suitable for advanced players
A little less power
Unsuitable for beginners

If you are looking for a racquet that offers good stability, then you should go for this racquet. The frame of the Clash 100 comes with a stable, smart frame geometry. The frame is constructed in such a way that makes it highly stable and comfortable during play.

9. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP – Best tennis racquet for spin

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP Tennis Racquet

The Head Graphene 360 speed MP is another remarkable racquet in the speed series of fast racquets. This new racquet offers high speed due to its new graphene 360 technology. Just like all of Head’s speed racquets, the speed 360 focuses on the speed and control of the racquet.

The solid graphene material used in the racquet’s hoop gives it easy access to spin. The strong structure of the frame elevates the stability of the racquet. This racquet cuts easily through the air without losing control. The racquet’s thicker beam of 23mm gives you more power and control over your shots.

The 100 sq inch head size gives you a large sweet spot with which you cannot miss the ball at any angle. The wide spacing of the 16×19 string pattern together with the 319 swing weight makes it easy to find spin. This racquet gives excellent performance when looking for spin shots on the court.

High speed
Spin friendly
Easy control
Excellent for serves
The frame is a bit stiff

The high speed provided by Speed MP makes it extraordinary for serves. Serves must be done with a lot of power and speed to have competitive gameplay. It gives you the extra boost and confidence in your play. With this racquet, you can accurately hit the serves where you want to. This racquet is highly recommended for both intermediate and expert players looking for that extra speed.

10. DUNLOP CX 200 Tour 18×20 Tennis Racquet

DUNLOP CX 200 Tour 18x20 Tennis Racquet

The Dunlop CX 200 is a racquet especially designed for expert players. This racquet comes with some much-needed updates that make it better than the others in the CX series.

This racquet uses Sonic core technology, which reduces the effect of the vibrations and provides comfort. The CX 200 has a small head of about 95 sq inches with a 20.5 mm racquet beam. The smaller head size and the thinner beam of the racquet make it outstanding for aggressive shots.

The CX 200 cones with an 18×20 string pattern. This string pattern is the same as the one used in the previous versions. But the good thing about the string pattern is that the upper cross strings are widely spaced to give you more spin and control.

Easy spin access
Quick movement
Excellent feel
Smaller sweet spot

One of the most appreciable things about this racquet is its excellent performance near the net. The smaller head of the racquet makes it easy and quick to maneuver. This racquet has been found to be exceptional for volley shots. If you are an enthusiastic volley hitter, then you should definitely consider buying the CX 200.

Buyers Guide On Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Tennis racquets come in a variety of designs with innovative technologies. The famous tennis brands are always competing and experimenting with giving you the right racquet for an amazing play.

It can seem a bit crazy sometimes when deciding on a racquet that is made specifically for you. But it is possible to get exactly that, what you’re looking for, because of the vast variations of the tennis lines.

The key here is to find out what kind of a tennis player you are. Are you just a beginner starting out in the realm of tennis? Or are you well on the verge of becoming an advanced player?

The racquets used by advanced players have different specifications from the ones used by beginners. All the important attributes that are present in a good racquet are precisely explained below. This will help you to decide on a racquet that you will probably end up buying.

Racquet Head Size

The racquet head size is the area of the racquet in square inches. The head size can vary between 97 sq inches up to 100 sq inches. Racquets with large head sizes give you a bigger sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area at the center of the racquet where you hit the ball.

If you are a beginner with less control over the ball, then you should consider going for a racquet that offers a bigger sweet spot. As a result, you won’t be able to miss any shots with the racquet.

The intermediate and advanced players usually go for a racquet that offers a smaller head size of about 97 or 98 sq inches. The reason is that over the years of practice, these players have developed control over the ball. They know how to generate spin and power from the racquet.


The weight of a tennis racquet is one of the most significant things to consider while buying a new racquet. A racquet’s weight can have a direct impact on one’s gameplay. The more advanced you are as a player, the heavier will be your racquet.

Heavy racquets let you have a strong grip on the handle. It should be noted that the weight of the racquet should be centered on its handle, and not on the racquet’s hoop. Expert players prefer heavy racquets with a weight that ranges from 11.5 ounces up to 13 ounces.

Lightweight racquets are preferable for beginners. As a new tennis player with a lightweight racquet, you will be able to easily move the racquet around. It wouldn’t let you drag it.

String pattern

Another important thing to consider when buying a racquet is the string pattern. The formation of the strings will decide how many spins you can generate from the racquet.

There are a number of string patterns used in racquets. The string pattern is either open or closed. An open string pattern like the 16×19 has large spaces between the strings. The openly spaced strings of the racquet give you more power and easy spin with the ball.

The closed string pattern has smaller gaps between the main and cross strings. These tightly gapped strings provide control over the direction of the ball. The denser string patterns, such as the 18×20, are ideal for players who don’t rely on a spin to hit good shots.

The closed string pattern offers more control and durability, whereas the wider string pattern leans towards more spin. Both have equally good benefits. If you are an advanced player looking for control and can generate spin easily, then go for the denser strings.

The racquet attributes, explained above, should be carefully considered before buying a new racquet.


So, this was our detailed list of the best tennis racquets out there. We have provided a thorough study on some of the finest racquets available for intermediate and advanced players. We hope that this article gives you an in-depth understanding of what to look for in a racquet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a heavy tennis racquet better for advanced players?

Heavy racquets are better suitable for advanced players who know how to control the racquet’s movement. Playing with a heavy racquet requires you to have years of tennis practice. The strong grip of the heavier racquet lets you move it around easily.

What is the most powerful tennis racquet for advanced players?

The Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP is the most powerful tennis racquet out there. The graphene technology used in its frame assists in generating power while swinging the racquet.

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