Top Best Extended Length Tennis Racquets In 2022 Reviews

Extended length is a bit of a touchy subject among tennis players, and it can be even more so if you play at the competitive level. What’s appropriate for your style of play? How about what’s most comfortable? And, how much does it really affect your game all that much anyway?

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about the length of your racquet. But if you’re reaching for more ball speed or hitting with more power, an extended racquet may be what you need to raise your game and make shots like a pro.

Best extended length tennis racquets of all time:

  1. Best Overall: Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph
  2. Editor’s Choice: Gamma Sports RZR Bubba Extended Length Tennis Racquet
  3. Best For All Levels: Babolat Pure Drive Plus tennis racquet
  4. Best Budget: Head Tour Pro Extended Length Tennis Racquet
  5. Best Power: Wilson Triad Three
  6. Best Pre-strung: Wilson Federer Pre-Strung Oversized Tennis Racquet
  7. Writer’s Choice: ProKennex Kinetic Pro 7G
  8. Best Value: Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet
  9. Best Extended: HEAD Ti S6 Heavy Balance Tennis Racquet

What is an Extended Length Racquet?

The answer is fairly simple: Extended length is a racquet that’s longer than most, or one that extends from the base of the handle to a point somewhere between 28 and 32 inches. It’s not unusual for advanced players looking to gain more power from their shots to use this slightly longer-than-normal design.

The typical range of racquets is 27 to 28 inches in length. However, some extended models can be as long as 31 or 32 inches. These larger-than-average racquets are designed for more powerful players looking to add ball speed and distance when they’re playing.

Who Should Use an Extended Racquet?

If you feel like your ball speed is slowing down, or if you’re having trouble keeping up with the pros, an extended length racquet might be what you need to take your game to the next level. It’s designed for advanced players looking to generate more power and ball speed when they play.

But don’t use it if you tend to get cramps in your hand. These racquets can be a bit stiffer than average and may not serve your playing style as well as a standard model.

Extended Length Tennis Racquets Comparison Table

Best Extended Length Tennis Racquets Reviews

1. Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph – Best Extended Length Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph Tennis Racquet is perfect for those who want to increase their spin off the ground. Its extended length allows users to generate more power with less effort, which means it’s simple to achieve top speeds without tiring out.

With its Spin Effect string pattern, players will experience quicker response and more penetrating ball control than ever before. Perfect for rapid defensive movements.

It’s an easy-to-use racquet for beginners, advanced players getting back into the game or anyone who has been on a hiatus due to work needs.

Head Size105 sq. in. / 677.4 sq. cm
Grip Size4 3/8
Length27.3in / 69.2cm
Strung Weight10.7oz / 303.3g
Unstrung Weight10.2 oz / 289 g
String Pattern16×15
Skill LevelAll

2. Gamma Sports RZR Bubba Extended Length Tennis Racquet

The Gamma Sports RZR Bubba Tennis Racquet is a full featured, ultimate sweet spot racquet that has more power and a bigger head than ever before.

This popular racquet is great for the beginning to intermediate player with a slower swing who might have been struggling with tight shots at the net.

With its new aerodynamic beam design, the subtle new graphic on the strings, and an oversize 117 square inch head, this racquet gives you everything you need to hack it up on the court.

BrandGamma Sports
Head Size117 sq. in./754.84 sq. cm
Grip Size4_0/8
Strung Weight9.3oz/263.65g
String Pattern16 Mains/19 Crosses
Skill LevelIntermediate

3. Babolat Pure Drive Plus Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive Plus is the perfect racquet for players looking to hit hard and fast with increased power, a larger sweet spot, and all-around head speed. Designed with the SWX Pure Feel technology that enhances the natural feel of shots, this product balances lightness and stability so you can master every point without hesitation.

The Babolat Pure Drive Plus Tennis Racquet was constructed with professional players in mind and is ideal for helping you build into that winning edge.

With a longer frame to improve the power and size of the sweet spot, this racquet provides an opportunity to take your game up a notch. Yet it still has a lightweight frame so you can swing without too much effort. And if things get competitive on the court, the SWX Pure Feel features a refined arm shape for increased leverage.

You’ll be surprised how easily you can hit shots from anywhere on the court even from behind or from tight angles.

The HTR System also helps convert fast swings into more explosive shots while reducing wear-and-tear on your body.

Head Size100 square inches
Grip Size4_1/2
Unstrung Weight10.6 ounce
Skill LevelIntermediate

4. Head Tour Pro Extended Length Tennis Racquet

Imagine the feeling of dominating an opponent in a match. Winning with ease, spraying backhand twists all over the court, serving as a pro; effortlessly turning your opponent into nothing more than a side gig for easy points. That’s what playing tennis is like with the Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet.

It features titanium alloy that provides excellent stability and power to each shot while still having enough flex for you not to get sore muscles after hitting ball after ball.

Complete your kit with this racquet because it will boost your confidence when faced against tough opponents on the other side of the net.

Head Size110in
Grip Size4.5in
Weight275 g / 9.7
Skill LevelBeginner

5. Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet

Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet is a high quality racquet with extra power that’s perfect for the 3.0 to 4.0-player who demands more from their racquet, with top quality string and comfortable feel.

This Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet has professional grade Wilson string designed specifically to last longer and absorb the shock of hard play, making it an all-around reliable choice for those looking for power on their shots coupled with control and comfort.

It reduces vibrations which makes it perfect for doubles as you start dicing up those shots from deep within the court.

Head Size113
Grip Size4-1/4
Strung Weight9.7 ounces
Unstrung Weight9.2 ounces
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelIntermediate, Beginner

6. Wilson Federer Pre-Strung Oversized Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Federer Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet is the game-changer in racquet technology that will give you an edge on the court.

Oversized with Arc Frame Technology, this racquet provides stability in the strings bed thanks to less unwanted vibration for more feel and power.

The lightweight design lends itself well to recreational players rated between 3.0 – 4.5, but proves its prowess up against any tennis player when it has to be done.

And it’s pre-strung, it’s easy to assemble and play right away without any hassle or time investment.

Head Size110 sq. in. / 710 sq. cm
Grip Size4 3/8
Length27in / 68.6cm
Strung Weight11.5 oz / 326g
String Pattern16 Crosses / 19 Mains
Skill LevelBeginner

7. ProKennex Kinetic Pro 7G Tennis Racquet

The Kinetic Pro 7G Tennis Racquet is the perfect combination of power and control. With an extended racquet perfect for players with a longer reach, this pro-level tennis racquet provides a boost in swing weight to hit shots strong enough to overpower opponents.

The kinetic system technology ensures that string vibrations are cut down through the entire body. This means that there will be no more painful strings pushing into your wrist or causing a shock load on your arm after play has worn you out. Combined with its comfort, this tennis racquet will not disappoint any player looking to take their game up a notch without spending too much money.

The shock-absorbing system keeps your hands from pounding or cramping. Swing with confidence! You’ll be glad you made the switch to a versatile weapon like this one for your lawn games against friends and family.

BrandPro Kennex
Head Size100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm
Grip Size4 3/8
Length27.5 inches / 70 cm
Strung Weight11.7oz / 332g
String Pattern16 Mains / 20 Crosses
Skill LevelAdvanced, Intermediate

8. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet

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Ready to take your game up a notch? The Wilson Energy XL tennis racquet is just what you need. With a longer frame and an extra large head, you’re going to have increased power with every swing while still being lightweight enough for quick maneuvering anywhere on the court.

And don’t forget about all of those fabulous modern features including V-Matrix Technology for a larger sweet spot, AirLite Alloy composition to keep things light, Stop Shock Sleeves for improved feel and cushioning from racquet vibrations, and Extra Large Head so there’s no limit on how far you can hit.

The extended length provides superb court coverage with no sacrifice in response time essential to improving your game.

Grip Size4 3/8 inches
Length4 3/8 inches
Skill LevelBeginner, Intermediate

9. HEAD Ti S6 Heavy Balance Tennis Racquet

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The HEAD TI S6 Tennis Racquet is an entry-level racquet with great playability and durability for beginners. In a lightweight frame, you’ll find a large head size and a larger than average length. With the perfect balance of power and control, this could be just what you need.

S6 is great for beginners that are looking to play with something a little more advanced. It is one of the best racquets out there, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re just starting to learn how to play tennis and need a beginner racquet.

Head Size115in
Grip Size4 3/8
Weight252 g / 8.9 oz
Skill LevelBeginners

Things To Consider Before Getting A Perfect Extended Length Tennis Racquet (Buying Guide)?

Extended length racquets are designed for tall players, who have longer arms and bigger hands. The standard length tennis racquets may not be comfortable for them as they do not fit properly.

For an extended length tennis racquet to be comfortable, it should suit the height of the player and his wrist-to-floor measurement. The length between the tip of the racquet and the butt of the handle should be around 30 inches.

You should choose an extended length tennis racquet if your height is 6ft or more.

Best Extended Length Tennis Racquets reviews

Racquet Length:

The extended length tennis racquets start from the base of the handle and extend to a point between 27.5″ and 28″.

Head Size:

The head size of the extended tennis racquet is similar to the head size of the standard racquet (95-100 sq. inches).

Head Heavy:

The extended length tennis racquets are head-heavy balanced racquets.


The standard weight of an extended length tennis racquet is around 10 ounces (290 grams).


The material used in the extended length tennis racquets is graphite and aluminum.

Grip Size:

The extended length racquets grip sizes are similar to the standard length tennis racquets (G2:4 1/8″ G3: 4 1/4″ G4: 4 3/8″).

String Pattern:

The string pattern of the extended length tennis racquets is a 16-19 string pattern.

String Tension:

The standard string tension of an extended length racquet is 50 to 60 pounds.

Can You Extend a Standard Length Racquet?

It is possible to extend a standard length racquet, but this isn’t the best idea for most players. Even if you have the nimblest of hands, an extended length racquet may not feel as good in your grip.

If you’re playing with a very short handle and need to add more ball speed when you play, you can easily replace the grip on your current racquet to give it a slightly longer reach. Just make sure that the end of the grip is no more than 1 inch past the end of your racquet.

One thing you shouldn’t do if you want to avoid bad blisters and hand cramps is replaced a grip that’s too small for your hand on an extended length racquet. This will make it more difficult to keep control of the racquet and may cause discomfort as well as poor performance on the court.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Is a longer tennis racquet better?

A longer tennis racquet can make your shots more powerful but it does not guarantee you to hit the ball harder and farther. It will only generate more power if it is well-suited to your height and playing style. You should choose a longer tennis racquet only if the standard length tennis racquets are too short for your height.

Who should use an extended-length tennis racquet?

The extended-length tennis racquet is designed for people taller than 6 feet and who have a different playing style. If you are a hard hitter, you can benefit from using an extended-length tennis racquet. It will help you hit the ball with more power and control.

What is the maximum length allowed for a tennis racquet?

The maximum length allowed for a tennis racquet is 30 inches. However, most players use racquets that are around 28 inches long.


If you are a tall player, use the extended length tennis racquet. But make sure it is appropriate for your height and playing style. This will maximize the performance of your racquet and improve your game.

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