Top 7 Best Tennis Racquet for Doubles Reviews

In the chase for the best tennis racquet for your next doubles game? Whether looking to slam groundstrokes in singles or flawlessly hitting the serves and returns in doubles, the below-mentioned tennis racquets serve you the purpose.

It is a known fact that the choice of tennis racquet largely influences the game. From control to speed, the delivered shot is the equal sum of your natural game and impact from your tennis racquet. To beat the rivals in doubles or singles, get your hands on the best!

best tennis racquet for doubles reviews

Refresh your mind and accompany us in exploring the best tennis racquet for doubles.

Best Overall

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Advanced technologies
Perfect grip size
Ideal balance

Best Tennis Racquet for Doubles Comparison Table:

ImageProductDetails  Price
 Head Ti.S6Weight: 8.9 ounces
Head Size: 115 sq inches
Note: Durable
Arm friendly
Check Price
HEAD MicroGel Radical Weight: 11 ounces
Note: Comfort and control
Check Price
 Wilson Pro Staff Head Size: 100 sq inches
Note: Lightweight
Solid grip
Check Price
 Babolat-Pure StrikeHead Size: 98 sq inches
Note: Precise and powerful
Check Price
Babolat Pure Drive Weight: 10.6 pounds
Head Size: 100 sq inches
Note: Striking design
Check Price
HEAD Graphene 360 Weight: 11.4 oz
Head Size: 100 sq inches
Note: Exceptional swing
Check Price
 Wilson Clash 100Weight:
Head Size: 100 sq inches
Note: Perfect grip size
Check Price

Best Tennis Racquets For Doubles Reviews

1. Head Ti S6 – Best Tennis Racquet for DoublesThe Best Tennis Racquet for Doubles

The all-rounder racquet grabbing the first spot in our list of best tennis racquets for doubles is Head Ti.S6. Head is leading the game of sporting equipment for decades with consistency and high-performing products. Likewise, Head Ti.S6, with commendable specifications, has left the impression.

The composition from graphite and Titanium in flawless ratio provides durability and reliability. The 115 square inches of head size is bigger than the standard delivering the extra power and velocity. The 27.5 inches of length and 8.9 ounces of weight will let you beat the opponent with quick reach. The strung pattern of 61lbs is based on synthetic gut adds the touch of topspin.

Professionals have raved about the ideal weight and length ratio of Head Ti.S6 because of the maneuverability it offers. Furthermore, the stiffness hit the number of 75 along with 28.5 mm of straight body beams. All of the specifications pack Head Ti.S6 with power, controlled hitting, and comfort. Serving, hitting top sin, and underspin has never been so easy.

Weight and balance
Arm friendly
Graphite and Titanium based
Slight vibrations felt in hands

After thoroughly inspecting the Head Ti.S6 tennis racquet, we are sure you would like to have a taste of it. Undoubtedly, it is packed with mesmerizing qualities making it one compelling tennis racquet to play with.

On the other hand, it is available at an affordable price. So, immediately get your hands on Head Ti.S6 before it goes out of stock.

2. HEAD MicroGel Radical – Best tennis racquet for doubles playersHEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

With astounding specifications, HEAD MicroGel Radical has turned heads since stepping into the market. The brand new upgrade is the integration of contemporary MicroGel Technology, which has mounted the value for money. The new aesthetically pleasing design is also a noteworthy addition.

The frame is comprised of MicroGel Technology in combination with carbon composite fibers. This sufficiently distributes the weight across the body leading to a reduction in overall vibration. Furthermore, the material is also shock-absorbing, contributing to the reliability of the HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet. The 98 inches head size and 27 inches length allows you to readily contact the ball in return.

The 11 ounces of string weight along with 21mm of straight beam reflects that the HEAD MicroGel Radical tennis racquet is engineered and manufactured to issue tones of power. Additionally, there is an immense supply of control with comfort. Furthermore, the Racquet is suitable for professionals only because the parameters may be too overpowering for beginners to handle.

MicroGel Technology
Comfort and control
Increased width for more spin
Not compatible for beginners
Small sweet spot

Finally, if you are planning to take your game to the next step of the professional level, there can be no better fit than the HEAD MicroGel Radical tennis racquet. It lets you incredibly utilize all the learned expertise. In other words, the Racquet effortlessly executes the purpose of conveying comfort in a new way.

3. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis RacquetWilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket

Designed to fit the needs of intermediates and professionals, Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet has originated some waves amongst tennis players. Planning to advance in a tennis game? Then Wilson Pro Staff is second to none in terms of progressing with your improvement. Let’s dig into the specifications now.

The design is adorned with intriguing black and white combination to give a touch of elegance. The graphite composition is the epitome of sturdiness ad robustness.

The 100 square inches of head size transfers the contained power and control. Thus you can precisely select what shot should be your next slam and deliver it accurately. Furthermore, the string pattern of 16×19 imparts topspin to deceive the opponent.

Additionally, the lightweight body is also highly applauded by the advanced player. It allows easy swing in the air without arm fatigue. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet shines in all the categories from groundstrokes to returns. Reviewers have praised its ability to perform equally well in a variety of shots.

Solid grip
Ideal for intermediate to 
advanced players
No cover included

4. Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19 Tennis RacquetBabolat-Pure Strike 16/19

Being the updated version of the previous Pure Strike 16×18, the latest launch is claimed to be a manufacturer with ultra-high-quality material along with tweaking in design.

However, the model has retained the objective of providing players with convenient playing sessions. Thus, Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 is declared as the best tennis racquet for doubles and all sorts of games.

The graphite material used, along with dampening technology, absorbs the intense vibrations generated when playing. Moreover, it acts as a barrier in transmitting vibrations towards the hand. The swing weight has been considerably increased for added stability. The incorporated hybrid construction constituted of square and elliptical; sections is another breakthrough.

Another improvement in the frame is FSI technology located in the upper front. This sufficiently increases the space amongst string patterns making Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 spin-friendly. The head size measures 98 square inches, and the length of the Racquet is 27 inches.

The power level, swing speed, stroke style pinch the perfection to make Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 ideal for tennis enthusiasts.

Precise and powerful 
Large sweet spot 
Spin friendly 
Dampening technology 
FSI technology

All of the specifications mentioned above work in close fashion to deliver the desired speed to players. Furthermore, the large sweet spot adds pop to the shot. It provides spin, power, and speed to deliver the ideal serves, volleys, returns, and groundstrokes. We believe Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 is the missing puzzle in your tennis kit.

5. Babolat Pure Drive – Best doubles tennis racquetBabolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Creating the immense waves since launch, Babolat pure drive is the new sensation. Refined in 2018 for the added power, control, and stability, it has become the new best tennis racquet for doubles, singles, and players from all levels.

Also, the sweet spot just pitches right to ease things up for the beginners. Let’s explore some astonishing features of Babolat Pure Drive.

The vibrant blue color, in combination with white, gives the design a striking appeal and an eye-pleasing appearance. Equipped with advanced engineered features, the Racquet has revolutionized the course of tennis. The integration of ultra-quality vibration dampening and shock absorbing material has made Babolat Pure Drive an ultimate powerhouse.

The craftsmanship displayed in the string pattern is also exemplary. The latest string pattern faced alternation in spacing along with gourmet shopping to deliver ultimate spin and controlled hitting. Lastly, the woofer system is the game-changer that mounts the height and velocity of the ball on contact.

Talking about the general specifications, the head size of Babolat Pure Drive 2018 measures 100 square inches. It hits the scale of 10.6 pounds in terms of weight.

Thus, the large sweet spot and lightweight make it versatile enough for amateurs as well. The length to balance the ratio of the Racquet is also tremendous.

Latest release with SMAC technology
Ideal length and balance
Striking design
Suited for players from all levels
Enhanced power, stability,
 spin, and accuracy

Babolat Pure Drive 2018 comes with tones of power. You will be amazed by the strength and control imparted by this Racquet. The FSI technology mounts the potential to deliver the maximum spin.

Furthermore, comfort and stability are also considerable. Tennis enthusiasts have found Babolat Pure Drive 2018 as an ideal fit for serves, volleys, and groundstrokes.

6. HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis RacquetHEAD-Graphene-360-Extreme-MP-Tennis-Racquet

Competing head to head with Babolat Pure Drive 2018 is noteworthy HEAD Graphene 360 MP Tennis Racquet. The Racquet shows considerable similarity in features and design. It aspires to its descendent Graphene Touch, followed by changes in the specifications to kick the overall performance.

As reflected from the name, the product is mainly composed of Graphene 360, which is scientifically proven to be the most solid, tough, and high-capacity material to exist. The bright yellow color significantly stands out from HEAD Graphene 360 amongst its competitors. The strung pattern compromises 16 mains and 19 coarse, mounting the spin in the shot.

The 11.4 oz of weight brings HEAD Graphene amongst the lightest Racquets to maneuver when playing the 100 square inches of head supplies bundle of power with reduced effort. The 60 flex offered by the 21mm of the beam gives the added comfort.

Furthermore, the 27 inches of length is contacted by a balance of 7 pts. Hydrosorb Pro Grip is a unique addition to limit the transfer of vibrations and provide a solid hold in air.

Graphite based
Hydrosorb Pro grip
Exceptional swing
High comfort level
Less power

The HEAD Graphene 360 provides boosted stability and comfort contrary to the power. The product may be less powerful compared to the competitors, but it significantly manifests strength along with the staggering spin. Furthermore, excelling long shots serves, and returns will be trouble-free with Head Graphene 360.

7. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis RacquetWilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket

Proclaimed as a revolutionary racquet, Wilson has surely infused all the needed traits in a unique fashion. What distinguishes Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet from its competitors is the ultimate class it contains. Let’s explore the further details of this best tennis racquet.

The exclusive carbon mapping grants the demanded reliability to Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet. This ensures sustainability for an everlasting time. Furthermore, the balls come in flawless contact with the surface to deliver the ultimate power shots. Wilson claims that apart from stability, it provides stability as well. Flexibility is the attribute of Stable Smart Technology and Innovative Freeflex technology.

The string pattern also reflects the uniqueness with no shared holes and one piece. The 100 square inches of the head has an ideal sweet spot giving an immense balance of control and power. Hitting the groundstrokes is as smooth as butter with Wilson Clash 100. The balance of 15.59 inches with lightness supplies flawless control.

Advanced technologies
Perfect grip size
Ideal balance
Supplies power

Reviewers are highly satisfied with the performance of Wilson Clash 100 in serves and returns. Serving is critical in tennis, and a hefty or unstable racquet can quickie ruin your expertise due to lack of control. Similarly, the Racquet should excel in the returns as well. Wilson Clash 100 has the added features to make it an all-rounder.


Concluding the article, the best tennis racquets for doubles perform equally well for singles as well. Likewise, the above-enlisted products are exemplary for multiple types of tennis games. Just pick up any, and you are good to take down your rivals in all sorts of games.

The bottom line, purchasing Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet can be a long-term investment in your tennis career. It is equipped with the necessary durability to last for years. Thus, it is a great value for money. Although the racquet is expensive, the price justifies the high performance of the Wilson Pro Staff Team.

Furthermore, always take into consideration some performance determining specifications before purchase. The Racquet should be lightweight, ideal head size, and composed of sturdy material. Always go through the reviews to have thoughts on the power, spin, and stability of Racquet from users.

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