Top Best Tennis Ball Machine In 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Having trouble choosing the best tennis ball machine for practice? We bring you the best options available in the market that will be by your side for longer than you think. Tennis ball machines are highly recommended to improve the game as they provide one of the fastest ways to enhance performance.

They are an asset not only for novice players getting started with tennis but intermediate and professional players as well. This means if you are a player, you will need the machine on all levels so it should be the best one available.

This article is your complete guide from the options you need to consider the factors you need to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Comparison Table: Top Tennis Balls Machines

Let’s jump into the detailed review of the best tennis ball machines that can be your ultimate pick:

Best Tennis Ball Machines Reviews

1. Spinshot-Player Review – The Best Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine is a very easy-to-use and supreme quality product. It is considered to be one of the best tennis playing machines. It is affordable and cheap in comparison to other similar products available in the market. Five different features are being offered with this machine. You can choose the shot height, feed interval, the spin of the ball, and horizontal angles of your choice.

This sums up almost everything which you require during practice. The horizontal angles of this machine perfectly cover the full width of the court. The speed of the ball can be adjusted between 30kmph to 110 km per hour which is far faster than other machines which might be expensive in comparison to the Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine.

A wide range of topspins and bottom spins are available. The best feed interval and height interval are even satisfying for highly demanding players. The storage capacity of balls is 120 which is slightly lesser than top-end models available in the market. The spin shot Tennis player machine is pre-installed with 12 program drills.

You can select any of those drills to practice or reprogram them all according to your choice. Any drill can be programmed by making necessary changes in the angle of shots, balls spin, balls speed, ball feed interval, and ball height. The choice of the randomly programmed drill is also available in which all the above-mentioned specifications will be adjusted randomly.

The battery life of a spin shot machine is 2 to 3 hours which depends upon the practice intensity. The more speed and lower interval drill will drain the battery in a shorter period. 2 hours is considered sufficient time for practice even highly fit and agile players cannot practice more than 2 hours in one go. A completely charged battery will be enough for a player with high stamina.

With the price tag, the Spinshot Player Machine is not only the best but also the best affordable Tennis ball machine. It offers several different features and also drills programming. You can preset your drills by experimenting with speed as well for better practice. This feature is missing in most of the standard machines.


  • Durable body
  • Programmed 12 drills
  • Phone remote control
  • Fastest


  • Longer recharging time

2. Spinshot Plus Review – Best tennis ball machine for advanced players

With more advanced features than previous models, Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine has quickly gained a reputation amongst the variety of machines available. There are versatile features like numerous oscillations, a wide speed range, an electric elevation that will assist to excel your skills.

The vital features provided by Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine are height, oscillations, feeding interval, spin, and speed. Like the previous model of Spinshot Pro, it has the same range from 18 to 68 mph. The speed range will let beginners master both slow and fast shots. In terms of variations of deliveries, Spinshot Plus is the most versatile tennis machine.

It provides flat shots, backspins, and topspins with nine degrees. So in total, you get a variety of 20 different shots to play. You can adjust the height between 0 to 50 degrees with the help of electronic elevation. Unlike other tennis machines with zero oscillation, Spinshot Plus offers five different modes of oscillations.

There is random oscillation, 2 lines horizontal oscillation, vertical oscillation, random horizontal and vertical oscillation, and 2 lines horizontal and vertical oscillation. In random oscillation, you will face random balls from the machine. The balls will be shot to two set horizontal locations. If you set vertical oscillation the ball will be shot at two preset heights.

For facing balls on random horizontal locations and vertical heights, preset the height with and use random horizontal and vertical oscillation. Additionally, for hitting at horizontal locations on two different heights, there is a 2 line horizontal and vertical oscillation. You can experiment with speed and feeding intervals as well with oscillations.

The ball capacity of the Spinshot Plus Machine is 120 balls. It is not equipped with programmed drills so you cannot plan your oscillations. One of the most unique features is it can be controlled by phone and watch. You just have to install the phone application and you are good to control the machine.

It is suitable for both IOS and android phones. You will not even need a coach for practice sessions. The machine is intelligently designed with small but noteworthy features. After pressing play on the application there is a gap of 10 seconds to put your phone away or in the pocket. Another notable feature is the watch control launch in 2020.

You can wear the watch on the wrist and control the machine while playing as well. The court time of the machine is two to three hours. The body is made of powdered coated metal which also imparts some weight. The machine weighs 42 lbs for the AC model and 46 lbs for the battery-powered model.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine is suitable for all levels of players from starters to professionals. It is a long-term investment for years as it has versatile features. There are 18 different spin levels and phone remote control as well. For more convenience, you can spend money on watch control as well.


  • 18 variable spins
  • Five oscillations mode
  • Phone remote control
  • Robust construction


  • Long recharging time
  • No programmed drills

3. Spinshot Pro Review – Cheap Tennis Ball Machine

Complete Review: Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine Review

According to Tennis Gurus Spinshot Pro is amongst the fastest Tennis Ball machines. It is highly applauded in tennis ball machine reviews. It is the best model available in terms of ease of use. Spinshot has made its mark in the list of best machines with its products topping the list.

The machine is reasonably priced with outperforming features. The ball hopper can accommodate 120 balls which is enough for good practice sessions. There are four essential features in a machine that you can adjust from the control panel. It is one the fastest machines delivering balls between the speed of 18 to 68 mph. The adjustment range has five steps.

The range for ball feeding is between 2 to 12 seconds which can also be regulated through knobs on the control panel. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine offers several variations in a spin for deliveries. It provides six levels of backspin and six levels of topspin. The elevation can be controlled electrically for height adjustments according to requirements.

The machine is just equipped with random oscillations and there are no programmed drills. There are no horizontal oscillations for further effective practice. The wireless remote control has an extremely simple operation with two buttons. One button controls the switching On/Off of the machine and another for adjusting the oscillations. To regulate any other feature you need to access the control panel.

The court time for Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine is two to three hours. The battery time is shorter as compared to other options but a heavy battery would impact the weight of the machine. It weighs 42 lbs for the AC model and 44 lbs for the battery-powered model. If you are an amateur or intermediate then this battery time is sufficient for you.

Since the battery has a short duration it will take less time to charge as well. The standard time for recharging a battery is up to 14 hours but Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine recharges in 8 to 12 hours. The shorter recharging time will give you more time to practice. There is no smart technology battery to protect from overcharging.

Like other Spinshot Tennis Ball machines, it also has a metal-coated body which gives it a sturdy and solid construction. The base is wheeled for comfortable rolling in the court and there are durable handles for convenient lifting as well.

Short recharging time, six backspins, six top spins, and electrical elevations are considerably important features of the machine. Although there is no variety in oscillations, if you utilize these features enough you can have productive practice sessions. It is the best choice for players who want to master swings.


  • Variations in spin
  • Short recharging time
  • Remote control Metal-based body
  • Durable


  • One oscillation mode
  • No programmed drills

4. Spinshot Plus-2 Review – Tennis Ball Launcher Machine

If you have a high budget range then Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine should be your ultimate pick. It is an upgraded version of Spinshot Plus with more advanced features to facilitate the players. The basic control panel has been replaced by an LED screen for more convenient control.

The other features are the same as the Plus and Player model. You can tap on the button to adjust the settings and select needed oscillations or tap on Dx for the desired drill. This way all the settings will be saved for next time. The speed range issued by Spinshot is between 18 to 68 mph. Rather than eight to ten ten-step levels in the previous model, it has twenty different levels.

The feeding interval provided by Spinshot Plus 2 is 2 to 10 intervals. You will receive 18 different spin levels and variations with Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine. There are 9 different backspins and 9 different topspins. By spending an extra $100 you can get high spin as well. The provided motor will increase the speed of the ball.

There are 12 programmed drills installed in the machine. Each drill is composed of 6 different ball shots. Feel free to regulate or program the drill according to your requirements. Spinshot Plus 2 was amongst the first model to offer phone remote control. There are default preset settings available as well and the application works on android and IOS.

You can start the drill, change it, and adjust it from the phone. From 2020, there has been an addition to watching control as well. You can simply control the machine from the watch tied to your wrist. It is a one-button watch where a short tap will change the drill and a long press will on/off the machine.

Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine has a standard battery time of two to three hours. The recharging time is 8 to 12 hours. Like other models of Spinshot, this has also a body made up of powdered metal. None of the models has a plastic body.

Suited for both intermediate and advanced level players, Spinshot Plus 2 is a highly recommended high-end tennis ball machine. It has programmed drills and five adjustable parameters. For more convenient operation, there is an LED control panel with more steps. You no longer have to mess with the knobs.


  • LED control panel
  • 12 programmed drills
  • Phone remote control
  • Metal body
  • Fast speed


  • Long recharging time

5. Wilson Standard ReviewPortable Tennis Ball Machine

Wilson Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of tennis equipment. It is mass-produced by Sports Tutor Company and trusted by most professionals. There are a lot of amazing features that the Wilson Sports Tennis Machine has to offer at a cheap price. Crowned amongst the best tennis ball machines in the market, quality, and performance are not questionable.

Looking at the features of the machine, they are versatile enough to leave you impressed. It weighs nearly 17 kgs and measures 22 x 14 x 20 inches in dimension. Moreover, it offers a wide speed range from 10 to 75 mph. Along with that, there is an adjustable feed interval between 1.5 to 10 seconds. There is a knob located on the machine that regulates both of the features.

Wilson Portable Tennis Machine comes preset with a capacity of 110 balls. You can alter the height according to your requirement with an electrical button that runs smoothly. Additionally, this machine offers variation for players ranging from four topspin to four backspin and one basic shot option. There is an easy-to-use control panel located on the size for adjusting the features.

By spending some extra dollars, you can control the machine through the remote. Control the On/Off and oscillations as per your requirement. Purchasing the remote control will give you extra convenience during playing. Court time for Wilson Portable Tennis Machine is standard three to four hours and will deliver balls randomly across the court.

The court time is sufficient to give a productive practice session to one player. However, if you want a Tennis ball machine for the tennis club then we advise you to purchase the one with a longer court time. The battery needs 18 hours to be fully recharged again. The smart battery charger also prevents overcharging of the battery.

To reduce the battery recharge time you can buy a fast charger for an additional fee. It will reduce the recharging time to 6 hours. You can additionally purchase a line oscillator as well to have good practice on forehand and backhand shots. The machine is issued with three years of warranty for full buyer satisfaction. To further facilitate the player, Wilson Portable Tennis Machine is employed with a durable handle and robust wheels for easy transportation.

Despite several amazing features, players complain about the lower ball capacity of the machine. There is no built-in line oscillation that just installed horizontal oscillation. The wireless remote control has just two buttons and costs an additional fee.

Despite the cons, this Portable Tennis Machine offers a considerable amount of features and is one of the cheapest tennis balls available at your disposal. The basic features provide effective and efficient practice for beginners and intermediate players. With the help of electric elevations, starters can have quality practice.


  • Eight spin levels and basic shot
  • Adjustable electric elevation
  • Well suited for intermediate and beginner players
  • Built-in horizontal oscillation


  • Lower ball capacity
  • No built-in drills

6. Sports Tutor Review – Tennis Practice Machine

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If you have started playing tennis and looking for light and portable tennis-playing machines then the Sports Tutor tennis cube is the best choice. It is very light in weight and very comfortable to play for new and intermediate players. The availability of various exciting features at a very affordable price makes this machine a very promising option for a player.

It offers ball speed from a range of 10 to 50 mph and you can adjust it at any point between this limit according to your mode of playing. There are 10 steps where speed can be adjusted between the above-mentioned limit. Pre-installed programmed drills are not available. The storage capacity that this machine offers is 70 balls with a ball feeding interval of 2 to 10 seconds.

The ball capacity is low as compared to other tennis ball machines that offer above 100. There are also 10 steps at which interval for ball feeding can be adjusted. By manually adjusting the elevation you can regulate the shots from groundstroke to lob. There is no random oscillation provided in this model.

So far no software application has been developed to connect it with smartphones for easy usage or remote control. There is a simple panel to control the features with knobs located. You might find it surprising but there is no wireless remote control as it is a standard machine. However, it has pre-installed start-up delays for solo practice.

The delay in time gives you a moment to run across the court to hit the next ball. The machine is comparatively lightweight as compared to other options available. It weighs 24 pounds and measures 5 x 12 x 13 inches in dimensions. The cube shape of the design makes it easy to store after use after practice.

Battery life is very good and can sustain for 1.5 to hrs of drill which is more than enough for any good stamina player. This machine is designed for new and intermediate players. The three basic features of the sports tutor tennis cube are adjustable ball speed, interval, and oscillation. The angle of shots can also be adjusted by the manual mechanism of elevating the machine as per the player’s desire.

What brings Sports Tutor Tennis Cube Tennis Ball Machine amongst the best tennis ball machine is its compact size and portability. Despite its basic features, it has sufficient quality to master a novice tennis player. The intermediate and professional players can also use this machine to have a grip on flat shots. The economical price will make you compromise on low ball capacity and random oscillators.


  • Cube-shaped design
  • Low priced
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Low balls capacity
  • No oscillator

7. Tennis Tutor Prolite Review – Best tennis ball machine for intermediate players

Tennis Tutor Prolite has been specially designed to master amateurs and intermediate players. It is the third model designed by Sports Tutor as the previous models were highly applauded by tennis professionals. There are improved variations in features with a change in price. It weighs 38 pounds and measures 20 x 22 x 14 inches in size.

It has been classified as the lightest, outperforming, and smallest tennis ball machine. The machine comes with a wide speed range from 10 to 60 mph. It is sufficient enough to give a gentle and slow toss to practicing kids with fast delivery to professional players. It is well suited for families having tennis players of different ages at different levels.

The feeding time of the ball is adjustable between 1.5 seconds to 10 seconds. The 1.5 seconds is to master quick and fast shots. The ball trajectory can be manually adjusted between groundstrokes to lobs. The control panel located on one side has various knobs to adjust the features.

The random oscillator functions as a full-court oscillator and delivers balls randomly across the court. The ball hopper can open smoothly and holds 125 tennis balls at a time. Players value a machine with a battery of longer duration and less recharging time. If you practice in public court then you can easily transport the machine along with yourself.

The charged battery will provide a playtime of three hours. It is equipped with Smart battery technology to prevent overcharging to increase the longevity of the battery. You can freely put the machine on charging overnight as it will automatically shut off when the machine is fully charged. The battery can be recharged over 500 to 1,000 times. This proves it’s durable and you will not consider replacing it in years.

There are some optional accessories you can consider buying like a wireless remote and an External battery pack. The battery pack comes in a case and can be mounted in the battery charger jack for additional playing hours. The pack has its charger and costs $350. If you are using it plug the battery charge in beginning rather than when the built-in battery ends.

In combination, both the pack and battery will work effectively. The wireless remote control has a range of 24 meters for machine control. The remote costs $124 and allows you to switch the machine On/Off. Additionally, you will be able to start or stop the ball delivery and regulate oscillation.

Tennis Tutor Prolite Tennis Ball Machine comes in AC and battery-powered models. It is issued with a whopping three years of warranty with free replacement or repair in three years. Sports Tutor has been manufacturing ball machines for over 30 years and this machine also does justice with the reputation established.

Tennis Tutor Prolite Best Tennis Ball Machine is available at a reasonable price under $1000. If you buy a wireless remote and battery pack an additional $460 will be added. The machine can provide best practices to novice and intermediate players. You can increase the battery time as well by buying a battery pack for longer practice sessions.


  • Highball capacity
  • Wide speed range
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Three years warranty


  • No spin

What To Look While Buying Tennis Ball Machine?

Choosing a tennis ball machine is not an easy task and it should realistically replicate the shots you are going to experience in an actual tennis match. There are several features that you need to pay attention to make the best out of your practice sessions. These features not only determine the performance of the machine but will also impact your game.

The most important features are oscillations, spin, speed range, feed rate, and ball capacity. You should buy a machine that has several options in terms of oscillations. You will find a machine with no oscillation to five different types of oscillations. Full court oscillations will allow you to run across the court and practice more efficiently.

  • The spin also plays a vital role. The spin must be added to the delivered ball to replicate the natural environment. It is a common feature and you will find it in all basic machines equipped with topspins and backspins. Additionally, the tennis ball machine should always have a wide speed range.
  • The wide speed range allows you to practice both slow shots and fast spun shots. Some machines can also be equipped with a high spin which further increases the speed of the ball. Not only that, but kids can also practice easily with slow balls. Thus, a machine with a wide speed range will be well suited for the family.
  • Another critical factor is the feed rate. It is not fixed and you can normally adjust it between 2 seconds to 10 seconds. 10 seconds is perfect for amateurs and you can slowly reduce it by reaching the intermediate level. The ball capacity is the number of balls that can fit inside the machine.
  • The machine should always have a high ball capacity. Otherwise, you will need to refill again and again in a short period. Nearly all the tennis ball machines are based on battery and are rechargeable. Always purchase the machine with a long battery duration so you can have long practice sessions.
  • Also, the duration of recharging is important. The battery should take less than 12 hours to charge so that you are all ready for the next session early tomorrow. Lastly, portability also matters a lot. Only a few of the people will have tennis courts as their home but most of the players practice in the public courts.

After reading this article, you surely have details about the best options available in the market. Not only that but also what things you need to keep in mind before buying the machine. Whether you play for fun or professionally, a tennis ball machine plays an important role in determining the productivity of your practice sessions.

Always ask yourself first, what do you need the tennis ball machine for? Who will be using the machine? There are different machines available for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The answers will help you a lot in choosing the best pick for practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does the tennis ball machine work?

First, you need to fill the hopper with the balls. Then go to the control panel and adjust the features according to your requirements. You will be able to control the height of the shots, speed, spin, and oscillations. The press on the play to start the game. Most of the machines have to control panels with knobs and modern ones have LED panels.

Do tennis ball machines improve the game?

Yes, tennis ball machines do improve your tennis game. It is the same as playing an opponent and the longer you play, the more your game will be improved.

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