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Being a tennis player does not only suffice to have a quality tennis racquet, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking to become a professional player, you must give extra attention to the balls you use for practice sessions. Many recognized brands have been manufacturing tennis balls for years. Choosing the best tennis ball for your game can be a bit difficult sometimes due to the presence of a large number of these brands, but it isn’t impossible.

Many players go through several trial and error strategies with tennis balls before settling on the one which suits their game the best.

This article aims to review the best tennis balls available for enhanced playability so that it becomes easy for you to decide which one to try out.

best tennis balls reviews

Best Tennis Ball Reviews Comparison Table:

1. Penn Championship – Best Tennis Balls

Penn is one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to tennis balls. Penn has been remarkably consistent in manufacturing the best quality balls famous for their use in championships. Over the years, Penn has maintained a standard in tennis balls, giving the pro players maximum playability on the court.

Tennis players are continually looking for tennis balls that won’t wear out quickly on hard courts. The Penn balls are made with specialized wool fiber, which makes them long-lasting. With this ball, you don’t have to worry about replacing it every other hour.

After playing for long hours, the tennis ball starts to crack. That’s not the case with the Penn balls. These survive longer because the seams of the balls are made of elastic material. Penn tennis balls are made with natural rubber, which aims to lessen the shock when the ball makes an impact on the racquet.

Enhanced playability
Good bounce ability
For professionals
Requires more power

The Penn tennis ball has the privilege of being the official ball used in the USTA leagues. The felt covering of this ball is thicker, which makes it perfect for the hard grassy court. But the good thing is that these balls are also available in softer felts for playing on clay courts. This ball will give you maximum bounce, and you should consider trying out the Penn ball.

2. Wilson US Open – Best tennis balls for hard surface

Wilson is another trusted and well-respected sporting equipment brand. Wilson’s extra-duty ball is being used by the US open for a long time now. The main difference you will see between the Penn and Wilson tennis balls is the extra bounce given by Wilson. The generous bounce given by the Wilson extra duty does not make your shots fall flat.

What makes it unique is that after playing for a few hours, you don’t get the feeling that the ball is becoming rough. These balls are well pressurized so that they don’t lose their bounce quickly.

The Wilson tennis ball has a specialized felt, which makes it long-lasting on harder courts. This ball will give you a consistent and responsive playing experience on the court.

Well pressurized
High bounce ability
A bit lightweight

Wilson tennis balls have decent durability levels and do not crack easily. This ball has been found to make your game more lively and give you added momentum. You can’t go wrong with these balls as they don’t deflate quickly. The Wilson balls are worth trying for excellent gameplay.

3. Slazenger Wimbledon – Professional Tennis Balls

As the name suggests, Slazenger is the official tennis ball of the Wimbledon grand slam tournaments. This tennis ball gives high performance and lets you explore your ball, hitting potential to the highest degree. These are one of the favorites of the professional players due to their consistent feel.

The felt of the Slazenger tennis ball is made with good quality material, which makes it last longer on the court, as compared to other competitive brands. The ball stays fuzzy even after an extended play period. This gives the ball an added speed for playing the hard-hitting spots.

The Slazenger tennis ball may seem a bit heavy, but it does not affect your playability or arm strength. These balls provide greater visibility due to the specialized dye used on them. It makes the balls easy to spot on the court.

Enhanced performance
Consistent feel
Moisture absorbing
Better visibility
A bit pricey

Moisture on tennis balls can affect the speed of the ball with which it flies towards the opponent. Slazenger has the perfect solution for this. The hydro guard technology used in the making of this ball repels the water molecules, thereby optimizing its speed. You should certainly try these balls for an advanced level of the game.

4. Dunlop Grand Prix – Best hard court tennis balls

Dunlop’s Grand Prix tennis ball series is another amazing tennis ball line. This ball’s rubber formula is such that it is made up of fourteen specialized ingredients to give you outstanding performance on the court.

The Durafelt material of the ball’s covering has a long-lasting ability. It won’t tire out or crack after a couple of playing sections. This ball is specially made for rough hard court surfaces.

The cover has a certain shine to it, and it’s brighter than most tennis balls. This quality of the ball makes it greatly visible from afar. The Dunlop Grand Prix balls are easier on the arm, which makes it fun to play with.

Better visibility
Good weight
A bit squishy and slow

The Grand Prix ball has a nice pressure in the ball’s core. Although it gives off a slightly heavy feeling to the racquet, this ball is perfect for practice sections. So if you are looking to up your game, these tennis balls are ideal for tournament matches and must be given a try.

5. VIKING Extra Duty Platform – Best Clay Court Tennis Balls

The Viking platform tennis balls use space-age technology, which allows their balls to be generously bouncy and consistent. For extra spin and control, the rubber core of the ball is made of a distinctively composed compound.

The flocking technique used for making the felt of the ball makes it wear out slowly. The long-endurance life of this ball makes it ideal for hard courts.

The solid bounce-back of the Viking platform can be a bit harsh at first, but over time you get used to it. It helps you improve your performance by quickening your reaction to the fast-moving ball coming towards you.

High bounce ability
Increased spin
Everyone may not like the orange color

The Viking tennis balls have a bright orange color, which enhances their visibility. The increase in visibility makes the ball easy to see, coming from a greater distance. The ball’s surface has a good texture to it, which gives it a decent amount of spin. These balls are worth trying out.

6. Wilson Prime – Best Tennis Balls For Practice

Wilson has come up with an all-rounder tennis ball. The ideal thing about this ball is that you can play with it on all surfaces, be it hard, clay, or grassy. The Duraweave felt of this ball offers good durability, which makes it suitable for playing on all courts. With this ball, you can play for an extended period without replacing it.

Wilson prime tennis balls are excellent for training and practice sections. These balls are capable of practicing quality shots on any surface. The prime tennis balls come in three packs; a single can, 4 cans, and 24 cans. Each can contains 3 tennis balls.

The extra brightness of the ball makes it repel water on the grassy surface. These balls are approved by USTA, and ITF approved, meaning they meet the internationally set tennis ball standards.

Ideal for tournaments
Playable on all courts
A bit pricey

The Wilson Prime all-court balls are decently pressurized. The good inflation in this ball makes it bouncy and adds speed to the ball’s flight. For a remarkable game on the court, you should definitely buy these balls.

7. Tourna Mesh Carry Bag – Best tennis balls for dogs & Practice

If you are looking for tennis balls that can be put in a tennis machine for practice sections, then Tourna has got you covered. These balls have no pressure in them, meaning that they are extra bouncy and do not become flat. Therefore, they are quite useful for daily practice sections when the ball is coming from the machine in intervals.

The Tourna mesh balls come in a bag that contains 18 balls. This ball bag is reusable, offering easy portability around the court. The negligible pressure in these balls can never flatten the balls, even when you don’t use them. These balls are perfect for beginner tennis players with little experience.

Tourna Mesh tennis balls are regular in size, which makes them easy to play with. These balls have a thicker extra-duty felt, which makes them last longer without being cracked.

Durable due to hard rubber core
Suitable for ball launchers

The rubber core of the Tourna Mesh balls makes them suitable for playing tennis on all kinds of courts. Apart from being ideal for automatic ball launcher machines, these balls can be used for your dogs to play with. So if you play tennis or you have a dog that likes chewing balls, then you should consider getting this bag of balls.

8. Penn ATP Regular Duty – Best tennis balls for clay courts

Penn owned by Head is a quite famous brand when it comes to tennis balls. They facilitate all players by making tennis balls for all kinds of courts. The Penn ATP regular duty ball has been introduced in place of the previous Penn Master ball series, which has been discontinued.

The Penn ATP regular duty ball has a thinner and softer felt, which makes it ideal for playing on clay and soft indoor courts. The smart optik technique used in the ball felt does wonder for its visibility on the court. The rubber used in the ball has a soft feel to it.

As it is an official ATP ball, it has a premium quality and is used in many tournaments around the world. The technical grade softer rubber of the ball gives it an enormous amount of bounce and improves playability.

Ideal for clay courts
Optimized visibility
Better bounce
Slightly heavy

The Penn ATP regular duty balls are firm balls that give them increased durability. The Penn balls don’t roughen up after a couple of playing sections. The longer lifespan of these balls makes them worth buying. These balls come in a case that contains 24 cans, so with a single case, you are good for a month.

9. Penn Pro Marathon – Extra Duty Tennis Balls

The idea behind the Penn Pro ball is to increase its durability to a maximum. And Penn has been successful in achieving this goal. The Penn Pro Marathon extra duty balls are made of extremely hard rubber. The hard rubber makes it last for a long time giving you an intense level of gameplay.

These highly pressurized balls are perfect for hard hitters who usually finish a ball can in a day. The Penn Pro balls are made for more extended wear. By using these balls, you won’t have to finish through cans so quickly. Furthermore, it will save you time and money.

The Penn Pro balls are here to give you the most fun and enjoyable playing experience. These balls don’t go dead after successive playing sessions. The harder felt of the ball does not add too much to its weight. Consequently, you won’t feel that your arm is exerting too much force in hitting the ball.

Longer lifespan
Perfect for hard courts
Exceptional quality
Enhances performance
Harder to play for beginners

These balls have a consistent feel to them and are very responsive. The high bounce ability of the Penn Pro ball makes it excellent for serves. You feel an immediate change in your performance the moment you start playing with these balls. Investing in these tennis balls will be worth it for superior playability.

10. Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls – Best pressureless tennis balls

For young players who have a passion for playing tennis, Penn has come up with the QST balls. Beginners don’t have much experience with fast tennis, that is why the Penn QST balls have a low speed. The low speed of the ball will make you get used to shots coming from different directions.

These are low-pressure balls to give you a good enough bounce. The Penn QST balls are easy to control and do not require too much force. They are fun to play with and won’t cause you injuries. These balls are perfect for improving your ball control skills.

The QST ball has a rich red and yellow color combination. These balls come in a bag of 36 balls, which won’t run out quickly. The lightweight foam of this ball gives it an excellent feel.

Perfect for young players
Easy to hit
Softer bounce
Requires less effort
Not for regular players
Slow speed

The slow speed and little bounce of this ball make you avoid mishits with the ball. This ball is ideal for kids as it gives them consistent contact. The soft material of these balls makes you exert less effort in hitting the ball. You should buy this 36 ball pack for your kids who are most frustrated with the regular balls.

Buying Guide to Pick the Best Tennis Balls

There is a huge world of tennis balls out there just waiting for you to be explored. Tennis balls are manufactured in a wide variety to facilitate many players.

These are beginners, recreational, professionals, as well as the kids starting on this journey. Anyone can become a tennis player; you just have to follow the right guidelines when it comes to the basics of tennis equipment.

Before buying tennis balls, you must know in which category of players you fall in. The balls used by the Pro players are different from the ones used by beginners.

Tennis balls have a significant impact on your game. Initially, the hard balls are difficult to play because, as a new player, it takes time to learn the ball control basics.

So you need to have a clear idea of what works for you and what does not. It is important to know and find out what you’re looking for in a ball. Is it good durability, or is it high speed and maximum bounce? The following guide will help you get a better understanding of what to look for in a tennis ball.


It is necessary to have tennis balls, which will last for a longer period. Restocking balls every week is not easy. So look for durability in tennis balls, which will not only last long but also enhance your game skill.

Pressurized balls are ideal for extra bounce and spin, but the problem with these balls is they fade out easily with time. But some brands manufacture extra duty balls that are long-lasting.

Such brands use reinforced rubber material for creating the outer covering of tennis balls. In this way, the lifespan of these balls increases, making them suitable for longer use.

Extra duty vs. regular duty:

Tennis balls have a fine outer covering that holds the pressure in them. This covering is known as the felt of the ball. The felt of the tennis balls is either extra duty or regular duty.

The felt of the extra duty tennis ball is thick and hard. The extra duty balls can withstand harsh conditions on hard courts. These balls survive longer when subject to intense playing by professional players.

On the other hand, the regular duty felt has a thin and soft covering, which makes it suitable for playing on soft clay courts. These balls won’t wear out quickly on soft surfaces. So it is important to know what kind of ball is used in different courts.


An essential aspect of the tennis game is that you should be able to see the ball. Tennis balls come fast at you from the opponent’s side of the court. And at times, the ball doesn’t give off the shine needed to see it. Therefore, it is essential to use a ball that has a high visibility factor.

Many brands focus on this aspect of the ball. The dye they use for the ball is such that it brightens the ball’s color. Thus, the visibility of the ball increases. So when looking for tennis balls, do consider their visibility.

Pressurized vs. Pressureless Tennis Balls:

Nowadays, all the tennis balls are pressurized. This means that the ball’s core is filled with high-pressure air. The purpose of pressurized air inside the tennis ball is to provide a high bounce ability to it. A tennis ball with more spin and speed will give you better performance but will wear away quickly. Professional players usually use these balls for an intense game level.

On the other hand, there are pressureless tennis balls that don’t have pressurized air inside their core. These balls are more durable than pressure-filled balls as they don’t roughen up quickly. But these offer little bounce and spin. The pressureless tennis balls are usually used for practice sections.


This article has established the need for and importance of choosing the right tennis ball for outstanding game playing. Among the above-reviewed tennis balls, we find the Penn Championship extra duty balls to be perfect for advanced and professional players. These standard tennis balls are perfect for better performance on the court because of their durability and quality material.

We also would like to recommend the Penn QST balls for kids and beginner players, as they are easy to hit and don’t require much effort and control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before ending, let us answer your frequently asked questions

What is the diameter of a tennis ball?

Diameters of tennis balls range from 2.575 inches to at most 2.7 inches. This is the official diameter which is defined by the International Tennis Federation.

How long do tennis balls last?

Most professional tennis balls last 3-4 hours of continuous play and the longest they can last is not more than that.

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