Where to Stand in Doubles Tennis: Player Strategies

Doubles tennis is a challenging game. It requires players to be aware of their position on the court, as well as pay attention to where their teammates are standing and how they’re playing.

Where to Stand in Doubles Tennis

Often times in doubles, each player has only one person at the net while they themselves attempt to cover half of the backcourt by themselves. The player at the net is responsible for directing traffic, but they are also crucial to making put-aways.

Meanwhile, their teammate needs to be ready with a precise shot that lands in one of the empty spaces on the court.

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If you’re playing doubles tennis and wondering where to stand on the court, here are some tips:

Don’t stand too close to the net. At all times, you need to keep one racquet in front of your body ready for a passing shot or deflection at the net. You can do this by standing slightly back from the court and behind the baseline. This allows you room when moving backward while also giving yourself enough time to react to a lob or drop shot.

Don’t stand too far back either! A player who stands super far behind the baseline is going to have a tough time following their opponents and being able to cover half of the court by themselves. Try standing somewhere along the center hash mark on each side, about halfway between your net post partner and the baseline.

Be ready to get low and watch for drop shots. A good strategy for doubles players is to be able to split their court into thirds: one third on either side of them that they can easily cover, and then a small section in front where it’s easy enough for them to see any potential lobs or drop shots. This is where you can stand and watch for these types of shots!

Don’t be afraid to get in closer to the net when your opponents are serving. If they both hit it deep or if one player hits a short serve, consider getting right up on top of the baseline so that you have plenty of time to run around any deep shots and get up for a passing shot. Get low, too!

Let your partner do the running around at the net while you stay back in coverage of half court. If they need to run around more than normal because their opponents are serving short or hitting deep returns, it’s okay if you stand slightly behind them so that they have room to run around.

In doubles, communication is key! Try standing on opposite sides of the court so that one person can call out for a lob while their partner tries running up from the baseline and getting ready to smash it back over the net. This will improve your chances of covering half or more of the court by yourself or even better, help your partner to cover the same amount of space.

Learn where and how you should stand in doubles tennis by practicing with a friend or at an open court! It may take some time until it feels natural for both partners to find their spot on the court together. Take turns serving so that each player gets plenty of practice coming up to the net and seeing what the court looks like from different sides.

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