Top Best Tennis Racquet For Short Swing Reviews

A lot of people like to play tennis because it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. However, some people struggle with their swing due to height or arm length. If you’re one of the people who struggle with their swing, you are at the right place.

One of the most common mistakes made by tennis players is that they swing their racquets too far. This can lead to a lack of power and an increase in fatigue. To ensure you don’t overextend your swing, check out this list of the best tennis racquets for short swings.

Comparison table – Top racquets for Short Swing:

We compiled some of the top choices based on length and weight to help you find what will work best for your needs.

Best tennis racquet for short swing Reviews

1. Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Tennis racquet – Best tennis racquet for short swing

The Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Tennis racquet is an elegant and powerful weapon to take on the tennis court. It features a matte black velvet texture, giving your hands the most comfortable feel you can imagine when gripping this beaut of a racquet.

The improved balance combined with Roger Federer’s signature gives it the perfect combination of power and precision. So next time you step up to serve, you know your opponents will fear your power.

Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Tennis racquets: made by champions for champions.

Head Size62.6cm
String Pattern16 x 19
Skill LevelAll

2. Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racquet – Best tennis racquet for small swing

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The Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racquet features great performance and game-changing innovation.

It has extended SMAC sections that give you great comfort, high strength, and vibration dampening, combined with the new FSI Power technology to offer unmatched energy efficiency for an easier swing load. 

If comfort is what you seek, this racquet is also award-winning for its exceptional feel on the ball through the use of SWX Pure Feel cosmetics. The Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racquet offers your best chance at finding success in not only singles but doubles as well.

Lastly, it has a larger sweet spot making it easier for anyone to make exciting shots.

Head Size100 square inch
Grip Size4 0/8
Unstrung Weight10.1 ounce
Skill LevelAll

3. HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet

The HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket is one of the most innovative racquets on the market. The Microgel, this silicone-based material, combined with an amplified head and ultra-stiff frames makes this racquet more durable than ever before.

This racquet is best for short swingers, and for players who experience tennis elbow or shoulder problems. We recommend this racket because of its forgiving impact of shock absorption, providing relief for your arm while you smash your heart out on the court.

Head Size107in
Grip Size4 1/2
Strung Weight315 g / 11.1 oz
Skill LevelCompetitive

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racquet is perfect for any player looking to boost his or her power, and swing speed. This oversize frame is designed to deliver explosive power with every shot.

The 16×20 string pattern ensures that all your shots are slowed down for optimum precision in expert hands, while the 110 head size provides a nice big sweet spot.

Combining these two features generates awesome short swings due to its flexibility which you will notice when you start feeling the ball collide with the strings of your racket on more than just on the bounce.

Head Size110 Inches
Grip Size4 1/4
Length27.5 Inches
Strung Weight9.0 ounce
String Pattern16×20
Skill LevelBeginner

5. Prince TeXtreme X Tour 95 Tennis Racquet

Power hitters will do everything they can to find an edge over their competition. With the Prince TeXtreme X Tour 95 tennis racquet, players will get the stability and control needed for power play.

The String Pattern 16 Mains x 19 Crosses is perfect for short-swing shots that are powerful without sacrificing direction or spin. This is a classic frame with improved comfort that any player would be happy to have in their quiver of racquets.

Head Size95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm
Grip Size4 1/2
Length27 in
Strung Weight11.7 oz. / 333 g
Unstrung Weight11.3 oz. / 320 g
String Pattern16 Mains x 19 Crosses
Skill LevelAll

6. HEAD Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet

NEW HEAD Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet, perfect for every player. The damping system features a patent-pending No Shox technology to reduce racquet vibration and promote clean ball playing.

Made from the Liquidmetal which provides increased stability as well as aerodynamics, this tennis racquet is another masterpiece from Head.

The extension of the sweet spot not only fits taller players better but also those with stronger short swing shots who enjoy getting on top of their opponents and can take advantage of putting more power into each stroke.

The 16×19 string pattern provides precision and control without any loss in feel allowing you to keep your best play coming out under pressure.

Materialliquid metal material
Head Size102 square inches
Length27 1/3
Weight8.6 oz
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelAll

7. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti.S6 tennis racquet is the perfect racquet for players who want to keep their strokes compact. Its head-heavy balance provides ideal stability so you can hit hard, strike with accuracy, and have control over your swings.

With its graphite-infused Titanium material lighter play but still powerful enough to propel returns back quickly so you can attack again more often.

The String pattern of the Head Ti.S6 16×19 means that the performance is excellent. This combination offers a great feel and power with durability, perfect to experience prolonged use of your racquet before it expires as other fewer quality options might do.

Head Size115 square inches
Grip Size4 1/4
Length27 3/4
Weight8 oz
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelBeginner


The best tennis racquet for a short swing is the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97. This top-of-the-line, professional-level racket is perfect for players who are less than 6 feet tall and have shorter swings. It has an open string pattern of 16 mains by 19 crosses which helps it generate more power while maintaining control of shots.

For doubles play or younger players with shorter swings, choose this model to get the most out of your game.

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