Top Best Tennis Racket for Slice Reviews | Forehand & Backhand Slices

Tennis is a game of accuracy rather than power. That’s why you need the best tennis racket for slice to get precise shots, especially on your backhand side. A good slice shot reduces the pace of the ball and gives your opponent less time to hit it back across the court or down the line.

A good tennis player varies his game to keep his opponent guessing. This means having the ability to hit different types of shots with both your forehand and backhand. A slice shot is especially effective against an aggressive player who hits a lot of topspin shots or who tends to follow low balls into the net.

A slice shot is incredibly effective with your backhand because it keeps the ball low and out of reach. You can also use it to set up a cross-court rally for more points. With both forehands and backhands, slice shots are highly accurate; all you need is good timing and follow-through.

Top 10 Rackets to Perfect Your Forehand & Backhand Slices!

  1. Best for overall: Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet
  2. Best tennis racquet for forehand slice: Wilson Ultra 108 V3.0 Tennis Racquet
  3. Best affordable racket:  Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racquet
  4. Best racket for aggressive slice: YONEX VCORE 98 6th Gen Tennis Racquet
  5. Best tennis racket for backhand slice: HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket
  6. Editor’s Choice: Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)
  7. Best tennis racket for slice: Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet
  8. Best flexible tennis racket: Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket
  9. Best for it’s beautiful design: Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racket
  10. Best pre-strung slice racket: LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket

Comparison Table of Top Class Tennis Racket for Slice

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1. Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racket is the ultimate weapon for today’s power player. It includes Xcel Carbon, making loops smoother and straighter. You’ll generate more spin on your shots by using lighter strings on this beast of a racquet.

For someone who demands maximum control with an emphasis on heavy spin, Babolat gives you the power to take the first step towards becoming King or Queen of Your Court.

Let this racket help you play your game to new levels.

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Grip Size4 3/8
Weight310 Grams
Skill LevelAll

2. Wilson Ultra 108 V3.0 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Ultra 108 is powerful yet remarkably forgiving, making it perfect for players at all levels. The integrated perimeter weighting system increases frame volume at 3 & 9 without compressing the sweet spot, so you can keep your swing consistent.

The extra stability you get from the sweet spot channel will be useful in extending cross strings and increasing grommet movement for more power. To optimize torsional stability, there are inverted power rib throats that help resist frame twisting through increased contact points with strings on every inch of racquet length for less stress.

Using crush zone grommets, this tennis racquet gives balls an extra punch by allowing them to dwell longer in its string bed before exiting the string bed toward your opponent.

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Head Size108 in²
Grip Size4 1/4
Weight9.5 oz
String Pattern16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Skill LevelBeginner

3. Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racquet

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Owning a Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racket will make you the envy of every player on the court. Whether you’re slicing your way to victory or looking to improve your serving game, this racket is perfect for any style of play.

This desirable racket also comes pre-strung with power strings that maximize explosive power and control pads that reduce racket vibrations for increased control.

It’s the ultimate game-changer in the best affordable tennis racket world.

Head Size112-square inch
Grip Size4 1/4
Weight2 lbs
Skill LevelBeginner

4. YONEX VCORE 98 6th Gen Tennis Racquet

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The new 6th Gen of the YONEX VCORE 98 Tennis Racket makes another great update to this popular racket. The racket is made with an intermediate to advanced grip size, 4 1/2 inches for those who may have smaller hands or would like a lighter feel at the net.

It has a Named Flex Force frame material which gives you excellent control while playing aggressive shots on the court. With its exceptional maneuverability and fantastic weight distribution, this YONEX VCORE 98 Tennis Racquet employs professional features that are great for anyone angling up their game.

MaterialHM Graphite / 2G-Namd Flex Force / VDM
Grip Size4 1/2
Strung Weight10.8 oz / 306 g
Unstrung Weight10.1 oz / 285 g
Skill LevelIntermediate – Advanced

5. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket [Pre-Strung]

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The HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket is a popular choice with adult beginners and casual players due to its excellent control and stability properties for each shot at the right price point. 

Unlike some recreational players’ tennis rackets, this racket doesn’t disappoint in power or durability meaning you can enjoy your game without having to worry about replacing it as often as affording those top-tier brands.

Rackets like this deserve consideration from anyone looking for more control on their shots whether they’re used to playing with expensive gear or not.

Head Size108in
Grip Size4 3/8 inches
Length 27in
Weight9.7 oz
Skill LevelAll

6. Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)

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Meet the HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket. This lightweight, easy-to-use racket is perfect for those just starting out in tennis. The large surface area delivers awesome power and quick acceleration from one side of the court to another.

You’ll have no problem dominating your opponent’s side of the net with this racket’s deceiving size and a little practice on your serve makes it hard for opponents to return shots back over the net.

The Aluminium frame means it’s lighter than other racquets and with a grip that’s easy on the hands, this is an all-around product for beginners and intermediates alike.

Grip Size4 3/8
Length27.5 inches
Weight295 Grams
Skill LevelBeginner-Intermediate

7. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket is a powerful racket that will give you the swing speed and spin to dominate your opponents. This is ideal for intermediate players who want high quality with a performance level, as graphite material ensures durability and an ergonomic grip size makes it easy to keep control of during play.

This racket is available in grip sizes between 4 1/2, 4 1/4, 4 1/8, 4 3/8, and 4 5/8.

If you’re looking for a tennis racket that gives you all the power without compromising on finesse look no further than this top range piece from Babolat’s collection. This racket will take your game to its peak performance output.

Grip Size4 1/2
Weight300 Grams
Skill LevelIntermediate

8. Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

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The Wilson Blade Team tennis racket is built for serious players who don’t want to compromise on power. More maneuverable with its thinner beam, the Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket helps improve your control while playing aggressive shots to be successful against opponents.

Combined with its ergonomic design and outstanding amount of dwell time or control, it’s no wonder players love to use this blade model.

This pre-strung racket comes equipped with a multifilament string that is friendly on your arm, ensuring your game remains enjoyable throughout each match.

This next-generation innovation by Wilson proves to be a must-have for any enthusiast looking for uncompromising power and performance out on the court.

Head Size99 sq in
Grip Size4 1/4″ through 4 3/8
Length27 In
Unstrung Weight10.4 oz
String Pattern16×18
Skill LevelAll Levels

9. Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racket

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What an amazing racquet! The Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet is the perfect racket to take your game to the next level. With its dry and fast feel, you’ll get better ball control and enough power to hit slices right over baseline opponents.

Always admired by players of all skill levels for their great looks, it’s really easy to see why this attractive lightweight design has been such a popular choice for intermediate-level tennis players and pros alike.

Head Size100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm
Grip Size4 1/8
Length27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight10oz / 283.5g
String Pattern16 Mains x 19 Crosses
Skill LevelIntermediate

10. LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket

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The LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket is perfect for all ages and levels. Our patent-pending design features an expanded sweet spot, provides a super-lightweight feel with less shock when striking the ball, and has been prestrung with high-quality string to make it easy for beginners or experienced players to use it in tennis matches.

The handle is made of PU foaming material making it soft and antistatic which smooths your hand movements when handing this amazing racket. With excellent quality material and under budget, this racket is a must have a product.

MaterialCarbon Aluminum
Head Size102 in²
Grip Size4 3/8
Weight280 Grams
Skill LevelBeginner to intermediate

Things to keep in mind before choosing a Top Class Tennis Racket for Slice?

Types Of Slice Shots:

Slice Backhands:

A slice is when you swing the tennis racket on the side of your body as you hit the ball. The swing is from high to low and it follows through at a shallow angle away from yourself. A slice shot swings underneath the ball, which gives it a backspin. This makes the ball stay low to bounce over the net and not fly into your opponent’s court or off into space if it is a lob.

Slice Forehands:

When you are hitting a tennis backhand, it’s called a sliced forehand. It works the same way as a slice backhand except that you hold your racket in front of you to hit the ball with an angular swing. The slice is primarily used on low balls or shots which bounce up near your feet. You use this shot when your opponent approaches you from the net or tries to lob a slow ball over your head.

Slice forehands and backhands require different swings because the grip of the tennis racket is slightly different for each shot. You can use your regular grip for a slice backhand, but you’ll need to choke up on the handle of your tennis racket to get good accuracy with a sliced forehand.

What makes a racquet good at slicing?

Head Size:

A small head size will make it easier to slice the ball because there is less distance to go before hitting the net.

Racquet Weight:

If a racquet is heavy it will be harder to slice the ball because there will be more momentum making it hard to control.

Racquet Material:

The kind of material the racquet is made out of determines how well you can slice the ball. If it is hollow, like metal or graphite, it will be able to store energy and make it easier to slice the ball.

Handle Size: If you prefer a bigger handle, then it would be easier to maneuver your hands around while slicing because there is more room for you to move.

String Pattern:

The string pattern of a racquet determines how much room you have to play with slicing the ball because there are more touchpoints between the strings at the net. If it is an even number, then it will be easier because both sides of your racquet can reach over and hit it.


The more comfortable you are with your racquet, the easier it will be to slice the ball. When you feel uncomfortable, you may lose concentration and control.

Durability:  The more durable a racquet is, the longer it will last and make slicing easier because you do not have to buy a new one as often.


Our Recommendations:

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If you are looking to buy the best tennis racket for slice, consider what type of player you are. A beginner with no experience might not need the most expensive equipment on the market if they don’t know how to properly use it.

However, an experienced player would be wise in investing in good gear because bad timing and technique will lead them into mistakes that could cost them during competition or training sessions. Always keep this in mind before choosing the best tennis racket for slice.

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