How To Hit A Perfect Serve In Tennis?

If you have been playing tennis for a few months now, then the chances are that your tennis serve is not as good as it could be. In order to hit a perfect serve in tennis, you need to learn how to do things correctly from the beginning stages of learning the tennis serving technique.

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How To Hit A Perfect Serve In Tennis

With the right tennis serve training drills and techniques, you will improve your tennis serves much quicker than if you were to continue to practice tennis serving with flawed technique or no technique at all.

Here we look at exactly what you should be doing when putting together a great tennis serve:

1) make sure your grip is correct for your type of tennis service;

2) ensure that the ball is held up high between your hands;

3) come into tennis serve position with the tennis ball held up high in front of your tennis racquet;

4) coil your tennis body back ready to perform the tennis serve.

5) take a deep breath in and bend your knees slightly, keeping them bent throughout the tennis serve motion.

6) explode upwards on the exhalation phase

7) snap down on the ball when contact is made with it.

8) ensure that you accelerate through impact for maximum tennis serve power.

9) repeat steps 1-8 for the best way to hit the perfect tennis serve every time!

The serve is one of the tennis shots that players struggle with the most. As seen above, it takes a lot of tennis serve training to hit a perfect tennis service every time. I hope this article has been useful and has set you well on your way to tennis success!


The tennis serves with power is also very important if you want to hit the perfect tennis serve every time. A lot of tennis players playing tennis have little power in their service which results in low ball velocity, this can be improved with tennis training drills and exercises.

If you are not careful when hitting your tennis serves, they will turn into slow moon balls or long high lobs that bounce before your opponent who now has plenty of time to get ready for the return!

Instead of inserting all sorts of different elements during your tennis serving practice sessions, it would be far better to concentrate on one element at a time until mastering is achieved.


Another important tennis serves training drill is knowing how to spin the tennis ball into the correct position, which will help with tennis success.

The tennis spinning motion of your tennis serve can be trained with some tennis drills outside of your normal tennis service practice sessions. For instance, pick five different spots on the tennis court where you need to correctly land your first tennis ball before continuing.

As this is a drill for learning how to place your tennis serves it would be advantageous if you used some sort of marker or small objects like a rectangular-shaped piece of paper or an old folded up note either on the ground or in front of the face side fence panel (if there is one).

Once you have completed the tennis serve drill, you should hopefully know where best to put your tennis service in order to get the most tennis success.


Accuracy is another important tennis serving tool that can be trained with tennis drills outside of normal tennis court play. For instance, use some small objects like coins or buttons on the ground to act as targets for your tennis serve accuracy training. 

Each time you win one of these games, award yourself with a point and try to come up with creative ways in which you score bonus points (for instance if three coins are placed in a straight line next to each other; landing two consecutive serves through all three coins wins the game instantly).

This sort of fun tennis drill is probably the tennis serve accuracy tennis drill you will want to use most!


It is important to focus on one element of tennis success at a time when learning how to play tennis because putting too many things into your mind can lead to confusion which makes it harder to remember tennis techniques.

If your goal is to be able to hit perfect tennis serves like the top tennis players in the world, focus on one element at a time and you’ll find that tennis serves success comes much quicker.