How to Hit a Consistent Two Handed Backhand? [6 Steps]

In tennis, a player will use one of two types of backhand shots. A one handed backhand is usually used by people who have a larger hitting area or a long reach. The two handed backhand is exactly what it sounds like, using both the right and left hand to hit the tennis ball while still maintaining some balance.

This shot is more of a controlled shot and is used more often than the one handed backhand. However, not everyone can hit the tennis ball with the same level of consistency using this type of tennis stroke.

There are certain ways that professional tennis players train to be able to get their two handed backhand out there every time it is needed on the tennis court.

Steps: How to Hit a Consistent Two Handed Backhand?

1. Two-Handed Backhand Grip:

The tennis grip for the two handed backhand is like holding a tennis racquet in your hand. Your fingers should be intertwined with the tennis racquet handle and your hands should have a firm tennis grip.

2. Two-Handed Backhand Stance:

Both feet should be placed in the direction of the tennis ball. The tennis racquet should hang over your tennis shoulder even with your eyes when you are looking directly at the tennis ball.

3. Two-Handed Backhand Swing:

Your tennis racquet should start behind your tennis head and swing up towards the tennis ball. Your tennis elbow should be tucked in next to your tennis ribs during the tennis swing.

4. Two-Handed Backhand Follow-Through:

The tennis racquet should follow through the tennis ball stopping when your tennis racquet is opposite of the tennis shoulder. Your tennis arm should continue to follow through until your tennis racquet is past your tennis head.

5. Two-Handed Backhand Footwork:

In tennis, there are right handed tennis players and left handed tennis players. Right handed tennis players will want to have their right foot further from the tennis ball while a left handed tennis player’s left foot should be further from the tennis ball. Regardless of your dominant hand, you need to be able to move in either direction with ease during your tennis match.

6. Two-Handed Backhand Eye Focus:

When tennis players are playing tennis, they should focus on the tennis ball itself and not where their tennis racquet is going to hit the tennis ball. When tennis players try to follow their tennis racquet as it moves through the tennis ball, their tennis swing tends to be shaky and inconsistent.

By focusing on the tennis ball, tennis players will know where their tennis racquet is going to hit and can concentrate on making sure they hit tennis balls in a consistent manner.

If you want to be able to hit a two handed backhand with ease and maintain your tennis consistency during tennis matches, then learning how to grip your tennis racquet for this tennis shot is the first step. When tennis players go to their tennis lessons or tennis practice, they need to make sure that they are holding their tennis racquet correctly with both hands and developing a backswing with this tennis grip.

Once tennis players can hold their tennis racquets properly with both hands, then players need to learn the correct tennis footwork needed for this tennis shot. Tennis players need to be able to use both tennis feet on the tennis court while moving towards or away from tennis balls depending on their tennis handedness.

This footwork is the opposite of what tennis players are used to on the other types of tennis shots because it requires crossing over with one’s dominant hand and changing the tennis grip accordingly.

Once tennis players feel comfortable with their tennis grip, tennis footwork, and tennis eye focus, then tennis players will be able to hit two handed backhands with ease on the tennis court.

Advantages Of Two-Handed Backhand:

Greater Power:

Two handed tennis backhands are more powerful than the one-handed tennis backhand. This tennis shot is easier to get out there with a lot of power because tennis players have two hands on their tennis racquet making it easier to swing their tennis racquets with force.

Allows for Better Control Over Shots:

Two-handed tennis backhand allows tennis players to have more control over their tennis shots. With two hands, tennis players are able to work on better tennis shot placement making them versatile tennis players who can hit powerful shots when they need them and place their tennis shots where they want them.

How to Hit a Consistent Two Handed Backhand

Disadvantages Of Two-Handed Backhand:

Setup Requires More Time:

When tennis players are two handed backhanding tennis balls, they need to start behind the tennis ball and swing up towards the tennis ball. Getting into this tennis backhand position takes more time than if tennis players were one-handed backhands. This increases the amount of time for your opponent to return tennis shots or move into position for their tennis shots.

Not as Much Spin:

With tennis racquets, tennis players are able to put a lot of spin on tennis balls with one-handed tennis backhands. With two handed tennis backhands, the amount of spin is significantly decreased if not eliminated altogether. This means that tennis players will have to readjust their tennis strategy to accommodate for this tennis shot.

Slower To Hit:

Two-handed tennis backhands are slower than one handed tennis backhands because tennis players need more time to get into position and swing upwards rather than forwards like when tennis players hit a one-handed tennis backhand. This means that tennis players will need to work on their tennis foot speed and tennis reaction time in order to match the tennis quickness of tennis players who hit one-handed backhands.