How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket?

A tennis racket is typically restrung when it becomes unplayable due to wear and tear and other conditions, and also to enhance its performance. Restringing a tennis racket involves replacing all strings at once on the main playing strings. The prices may vary between different stringers depending upon whether you are getting your racket restrung, or getting an entirely new one.

What Happens When You Restring A Tennis Racket?

The restringing process involves feeding the string through each of the holes in the racket frame. A tennis racket has holes that are equally spaced along the main playing strings. You can choose to get more or less, depending upon your requirements. Once all of these strings are fed through, they are tied together using a knot.

This helps in ensuring that the string stays in place. Different types of knots are used for this purpose and may vary according to your preferences. Some examples include a simple knot, double knot, or the surgeon’s knot.

Once all of these strings are tied together at their ends using the knot, they are then attached to the cross-strings using a stringer tool, and the cross-strings are then attached to the head-string. This is done so that they can be tuned accordingly.

You should always make sure to adjust the tension on your strings because this will allow for better sound.

After this, each of the strings is carefully checked for any signs of wear and tear or other damage such as cuts or tears. Replacement of the string is always at hand in case there are signs that it might be damaged. Only once this process of checking and replacing strings is complete can your racket be ready for use.

Why Is It Important To Restring A Tennis Racket?

It has been estimated that a tennis player goes through about 2 to 3 rackets in an entire year and restrings each one of them at least twice. This means that you can spend anywhere from $30 to $45 per month on restringing your racket if you play regularly.

If you want to prevent the life of your tennis rackets, then replacing worn-out strings or getting a new one is the best option. It also helps in enhancing their performance and prolongs their life.

How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket?

The cost of restringing a tennis racket depends on the number of strings that need to be replaced, and also the type of string that needs to be used. The cost may range between $15-$30 for the replacement of the strings.

However, it is not necessary to restring a tennis racket every time you play with it. A racket may need to be restrung after 2-3 weeks of playing, or when the string snaps due to excessive usage.

How Often Should You Get A Racket Restrung?

Tennis rackets usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This may be up to one year. After this, most manufacturers recommend getting it restricted once in 1 month to 2 months, depending upon the usage and the condition of the strings. A restringing costs $15-30.

Where Can You Restring A Tennis Racket?

Many local tennis shops in your area may offer restringing services, which you can approach for the same. These shops usually possess the right equipment to string a tennis racket at an affordable price and may replace around 5 main strings within $15-$30 per racket.

Do Stringers Replace Racket Grips?

The stringers do not replace grips or overgrips. You need to get this done separately at a local store, which may cost you around $5-7.

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