10 Best Tennis Racquets 2022 Reviews And Buyers Guide

You may have recently decided to pick up tennis as a beginner, or you are someone looking to upgrade your tennis racquet. Then you have done yourself an excellent little favor by clicking on this blog, as here you will get to know all about the best tennis racquets available for you.

The vast number of racquet brands available gives you a wide range of options to get you the right racquet with quality attributes. Our carefully analyzed list of the best racquets along with its buying guide will make you settle on a racquet, which will give enhanced performance.

Best Tennis Racquets Comparison Table:

Top Best Tennis Racquets Reviews:

1. Head Graphene 360 Best Tennis Racquet

Head is a fantastic brand when it comes to manufacturing tennis racquets. The Head Graphene Radical MP is a terrific tennis racquet best suited for advanced players.

This racquet comes with a 98 square inch head size, which is the ideal racquet head size for professional players. It has a beam of about 20mm. The combination of a thin beam and a smaller head makes it perfect for having absolute control over your shots.

The Head Graphene Radical has the standard 27 inches long, making it ideal for playing groundstrokes. This racquet has 6 points of head balance, which can help you generate more spin with the racquet.

It comes with a weight of about 11 ounces. For players who don’t like playing with heavy racquets, this is probably the best racquet you are looking for. This racquet is quite easy to maneuver due to its mid-weight.

This racquet comes with the classic 360 graphene frame technology, which forms the solid base of the racquet. The graphene used in the racquet makes it easy to swing. It equally distributes the weight of the head on the entire frame making it shock absorbent. The fast-moving Head Radical MP has a comfortable feel to it. The mid-weight of this racquet makes it quite suitable for powerful, aggressive serves.

One of the best things about this, which makes it the best tennis racquet is its string pattern. The Head Graphene Radical MP comes with a dynamic 16×19 string pattern.

The widely spaced strings of this racquet make it extremely spin-friendly. You can have easy access to spin with this racquet without trying too hard. Being an attacking player, this racquet offers extra spin to your return shots. This racquet is a spin-inducing machine. So, if you’re looking for a good amount of spin in a racquet, then go for this racquet.


  • Spin friendly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Shock absorbent


  • Slight stiff

2. YONEX Ezone 100 – Cheap Tennis Racquet

Yonex is becoming quite popular by coming up with amazing tennis racquet lines. The Ezone 100 is an improvement to the previous Yonex Ezone 98.

This racquet comes with a 100 square inch head size, which is a bit bigger than the previous model. The slightly large head contributes to the bigger sweet spot, which does not let you miss any shots. Despite the large head, it gives you a decent level of control over ball placement.

The Ezone 100 weighs about 300g. All kinds of players can use this mid-weight racquet. The added weight of this racquet, as compared to the previous model, offers more power to your shots. The balanced weight of this racquet does not make you use too much force when swinging the racquet.

This racquet has a 4 point head balance making it lighter towards the head and heavy at the handle. The heavyweight at the racquet’s handle offers more stability in racquet handling.

The Hyper HG technology used in the construction of the racquet makes it have a solid frame. This increases the durability of the racquet, making it long-lasting. The Ezone 100 is quite suitable for playing powerful shots due to its firm frame.

One of the most considerable things about this racquet is the Micro Offset layout technology, which reduces the vibrations produced by the strings. The grommets arrange the strings in such a way that upon ball impact, the vibrations spread evenly, thereby lessening their effect.

The 16×19 string pattern of this racquet allows for a good amount of spin for playing topspin shots. This racquet allows for better performance for playing volley shots due to the easy and quick handling of the racquet. This is a powerful racquet worth buying.


  • Spin
  • Good power and control
  • Easy handling


  • A bit heavy and stiff

3. Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 – Best Racquet For Beginners

Babolat is another big name among the huge range of tennis racquet brands. The Babolat Pure Strike has been specially designed for advanced players who know how to achieve maximum performance out of their racquets by applying the right techniques. The thin beam of this racquet makes it easy on the arm requiring less effort to swing.

The Babolat Pure Strike comes with a woofer dynamic string system. The strings attached to the racquet are loose enough to give high bounce ability to the racquet. As a result, the ball moves at a fast pace enhancing your gameplay. This racquet comes with a 16×19 string pattern. The fewer main strings offer more power when you are hitting the ball.

This racquet has a unique frame. It is a blend of squares and ellipses, which gives you more stability and response. The Babolat Pure Strike has strong graphite construction, which offers a good feel and control to the racquet. The grip type of this racquet is Babolat skin feel. The foam pads on the grip provide a comfortable touch to your palm and fingers. It does not feel harsh in hand.

This headlight racquet is easy to swing and maneuver on the tennis court. The 11.3-ounce weight of this racquet makes it stable enough for near-the-net shots. It lets you have a firm position on the ground.

The Babolat Pure Strike offers easy control for the baseline shots, and surprisingly, this racquet is quite arm-friendly. This racquet offers a strong feeling when the ball makes an impact on the sweet spot. It has the perfect balance of control, stability, and power and has easy access to spin due to its open string pattern. You should buy this racquet for its amazing performance quality.


  • Easy handling
  • Power and control
  • Good spin ability


  • Slightly lightweight

4. Babolat Pure Aero – Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Player

Babolat has come up with an update for the previous AeroPro drive, and the new version is the Babolat Pure Aero. Tennis players highly appreciate the Aero series, and this new model is here with amazing updates to improve your performance.

This new version aims to offer more power to your shots, especially if you are an aggressive player. The Pure Aero is considered to be a spin machine to give you the maximum amount of spin.

The Babolat Pure Aero has an aerodynamic frame. The frame design of this racquet makes it quick and easy to move. This racquet comes with an FSI spin technology, which allows you to generate more spin when playing shots. Moreover, the rearranged 16×19 open string pattern makes the racquet quite spin-friendly.

Coming to the specifications of this racquet, the Pure Aero has a 100 square inch head, which contributes to a big sweet spot. Having a large sweet spot allows you to hit every ball that comes your way. This racquet has a thick beam size of 23 mm, adding stability in racquet handling.

This racquet comes with new the new spin grommets system, which is responsible

for the added movement of the strings. The Cortex dampening technology used in the head of the racquet reduces the vibrations of the strings on ball impact. Furthermore, it provides maximum comfort to your arm.

The Babolat Pure Aero is a high-quality racquet suitable for beginners as well as advanced players. The high level of spin and control provided by this racquet makes it one of the best racquets available for all kinds of players. And you should consider buying this amazing racquet.


  • Maximum spin
  • Power
  • Comfortable feel
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players


  • Lacks a little in control

5. Head Ti S6 – Best tennis racquet for beginners

The Head Ti S6 tennis racquet is a specially designed racquet for beginner players trying to get into tennis. This racquet has a 115 square inch head size. The large head makes it suitable for entry-level players as they tend to miss the ball when playing for the first time. With a bigger head, you won’t be able to miss any shots.

The Head Ti S6 has a length of 27.7 inches. The extra length of this racquet makes it perfect for groundstrokes as it will give you more reach. The 4 points head-heavy balance makes it stable when playing shots.

The Head Ti S6 has a lightweight of about 8.9 ounces. The small weight of this racquet makes it easy to swing and handle by players who are new to this game.

This racquet comes with a beam of 28.5 mm. The thicker beam of this racquet enables you to play attacking shots by adding more power to your racquet.

The light frame of this racquet is easy on the arm and won’t cause you any elbow problems. This racquet comes with a Head synthetic gut string, which is known to be extremely durable. It will last for a long period. The special thing about the strings of this racquet is that it lets you easily achieve topspins.

The Head Ti S6 comes with a bag in black and grey color combination. It can carry 2 or 3 racquets. This is a perfect racquet for starting your tennis journey.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Light frame
  • Easy on the arm
  • Powerful


  • Not for advanced players

6. Babolat Pure Drive – Best Racquet for Spin and Control

The Babolat Pure Drive has come up with new updates for its fans. The biggest change in the 2018 version of the Pure Drive is its increased head size. The head size of this racquet is 100 square inches, to give an advantage to the intermediate players, who love to beat the ball hard.

This new version has been repainted to give it a stylish yet professional look. The combination of the blue and white colors of this racquet looks appealing to the eyes.

The large head of the Babolat Pure Drive offers a large enough sweet spot. As a result, you get a generous amount of power from this racquet for playing aggressive shots.

This is a lightweight racquet that weighs around 11.2 ounces. The lightweight makes it easy to handle without putting too much force on the arm. This racquet is 27 inches long. This length is ideal for intermediate players as it has more reaching power for baseline shots.

The Babolat Pure Drive comes with a 16×19 string pattern. The good thing about this racquet is the FSI technology used in the strings. Due to this technology, the strings at the center are closely spaced while the ones on the outer side are widely spaced. The tightly spaced strings at the center give the racquet more power and strength for playing hard-hitting shots.

The best thing about this racquet is its great spin potential. A good tennis racquet is one that enables you to easily generate spin. The string arrangement of the Babolat Pure Drive offers easy access to spin. You can hit shots from all angles on the court with great ease. This is an amazing racquet worth buying for an excellent game on the court.


  • Powerful
  • Increased spin potential
  • Large sweet spot


  • Feels a bit stiff on first use

7. Babolat Drive 25 – Best tennis racquet for junior players

Babolat is a versatile brand and has amazing tennis racquet options for junior players who are passionate about tennis. Babolat Drive 25 is specially designed for developing junior players between the ages of 9 and 11. Junior players find it hard to handle the heavy professional racquets. This racquet is built according to their age and playing ability so that they don’t get discouraged.

This racquet comes with a 100 square inch head. The racquet head is neither too big nor too small. The large sweet spot is ideal for junior players as the ball will come at the racquet’s center, keeping the chances of mishits to a minimum. The Babolat Drive junior is 25 inches long. The small length of the racquet makes it perfect for kids as they will find it easy to handle and control.

The strung weight of the Babolat Drive junior is 8.1 ounces. This is an extremely lightweight racquet. The lightweight of this racquet makes it easy to carry around the court. It is also easy on the arm and does not require a lot of strength for playing shots. This racquet is composed of carbon and aluminum, which offers good stability in racquet handling.

This racquet comes in rich blue color with a soft white grip for a comfortable playing experience. It also comes with a carrying bag so that you can easily carry it around with you. The Babolat Drive junior is a good place to start if your kid wants to learn tennis. The lightweight and ease of use offered by this racquet make it the best racquet for junior developing players.


  • Easy to hold
  • Lightweight
  • Good stability
  • Sufficient power
  • Better power potential for kids


  • Not for adult players

8. Babolat Boost Drive – Best budget tennis racquet

The Babolat Boost Drive is a great racquet ideal for both beginners and recreational players who play tennis occasionally. This racquet has a 105 square inch head, offering a generous sweet spot. The sweet spot provides amazing hitting power for an intense playing experience.

This racquet has the ideal 27-inch length perfect for baseline shots. The Boost Drive has a lightweight of 9.8 ounces. The extreme lightweight of this racquet is quite suitable for players who are new to the game of tennis, as it makes it easy to maneuver.

For comfort, the Boost Drive tennis racquet comes with a Woofer grommet system, which makes it one of the best racquets. The Woofer technology enables the strings to interact with the frame in a free movement.

The strings work together with the frame during ball impact, and as a result, it reduces the shock of the vibrations. This racquet offers a good amount of control quite suitable for novice players just starting on their tennis journey.

The Babolat Boost Drive provides good spin and control for playing outstanding tennis shots. This racquet has a solid graphite construction, which makes it quite durable. It does not break easily and will last for a long period without having to replace it.

The frame of this racquet is firm enough to offer decent stability during the game. This racquet comes in a stylish navy blue color with a black grip.

Comfort is one of the most significant things people look for in a racquet. The grip of the racquet feels comfortable in hand. It has a soft feel to it and won’t cause any blisters.

It is a good-quality racquet perfect for occasional players looking for a fun game on the tennis court.


  • Durable frame
  • Huge Power potential
  • Decent control
  • Comfort


  • Lacks qualities of other Babolat racquets

9. Babolat Pure Aero 26 – Best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate

The Babolat Pure Aero junior tennis racquet is the junior version of the original Pure Aero adult racquet. This racquet has been specially designed for developing junior players who have a serious attitude towards tennis.

The 26 inches long Pure Aero junior is built for players aged 9 to 12. The 26-inch length of this racquet makes it easy to use. Kids can easily reach the baseline shots with the good length of this racquet.

The racquet head is 100 square inches ideal for young beginner players as it offers a large hitting center, better known as the sweet spot. This racquet is another lightweight junior racquet weighing 9.2 ounces. It is easy to maneuver and does not cause any arm injuries, which is a point of concern for many new players.

The grip size of this racquet is 4 inches suitable for small hands. It perfectly fits in hands without being harsh. The comfortable grip of this racquet allows for an enjoyable playing experience. The frame of this racquet is made of aluminum, which lasts for a long period.

The carbon ply stabilizer used in the core of this racquet increases the stability of the racquet, offering a high-performance game. The 16×19 dynamic string pattern of this racquet allows you to achieve more spin with the ball. This racquet is an ideal choice for beginners looking to invest in a racquet.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for kids
  • Spin friendly


  • Not for advanced gameplay

10. Wilson Pro Staff 97S – High-Quality Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Pro Staff 97S is another great tennis racquet that aims to offer high-level performance on the court. This new model comes in a bright red color and maintains its classic design.

This racquet has the standard 27-inch length as used by most players and a 97 square inch head. The decent head size of this racquet offers a good amount of power needed for smashing shots.

This racquet has a weight of about 11.5 ounces. This mid-weight racquet is easy to hold and swing. Moreover, the headlight balance makes it easy to maneuver. The high swing weight of this racquet makes it brilliant for playing serves, and you see its effect right away.

The Pro Staff 97S allows you to play comfortable volley shots. It has a good connection to the ball feel and offers absolute comfort during play. This racquet has an impressive design and comes in a black and red color combination.

The Pro Staff 97S comes with a unique string pattern of 18×17. The 18 main strings of the racquet offer nice control while the 17 cross strings offer easy access to spin. The spin effect technology used in this racquet lets you generate maximum spin without trying too hard. You should buy this tennis racquet for its spin-friendly ability.


  • Spin friendly
  • Comfortable during play
  • Unique string pattern
  • Powerful


  • Lacking in control

Best Tennis Racquet Brands:

1. Wilson

You probably have heard the name ‘Wilson’ if you are someone who likes watching or playing tennis. Wilson is the most recognized racquet manufacturing brand, which has been endorsed by many famous professional players, one of these players is the Swedish tennis star, Roger Federer.

This American brand has been producing racquets for decades now. Wilson has maintained its standard over the years and has been consistent in producing high-quality tennis racquets. Wilson racquets have been known for improving players’ performances on the court.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional player, Wilson has something to offer you, due to their wide variety of tennis racquet lines. Power is a much-needed quality when playing an intense game on the court. Wilson racquets offer a lot of power due to the heavyweights of the racquet. This brand focuses on building spin-friendly racquets for an excellent performance. Wilson is a versatile brand and is here to stay for a long time.

2. Head

Head is a sporting goods company based in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular tennis racquet brands known for using innovative technology.

Head is considered to be the first racquet brand that came up with oversized racquets. The oversized racquets are not only suitable for beginners but also for professional players who are looking to experiment with their playing techniques.

Famous tennis players are using head tennis racquets, one of them is Maria Sharapova. Head designs its racquets with a minimalistic approach. There is something about the Head racquets. It catches your eye at first glance with its classic looks. Head aims to give tennis players high performance, confidence, and motivation for the great game of tennis.

Every Head racquet line is designed to focus on a certain aspect of tennis skills factors. The Head 360 speed racquets’ main objective is to offer players generous speed for an attacking game on the court.

Similarly, the Graphene technology used in the shaft of Head racquets aims to improve the stability of the racquet. This amazing racquet brand has all the things you look for in a prestigious tennis brand.

3. Babolat

Babolat is a French company founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875. Initially famous for only producing solid racquet strings, Babolat long ago stepped into the racquet manufacturing business. And ever since has been working towards making it big in the tennis world. Babolat is quite famous among beginner players who are just starting their tennis journey.

Babolat constantly comes up with new technologies, whether it is related to players’ comfort, string arrangement, or the frame of the racquet. The famous Woofer technology by Babolat offers maximum playing potential, as the strings interact with the frame in an organized manner.

Babolat Pure Aero tennis is used by the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal; this says something about the quality of Babolat racquets. Babolat racquets offer a good blend of power, control, and stability on the tennis court.

The Babolat racquet frames are known for their good durability and do not break easily. This brand is quite popular in Europe and is well trusted by people who have been playing tennis for a long time, and this makes it one of the best tennis racquets brands on the market.

4. Yonex

Yonex is the first-ever Asian racquet manufacturing company. In the early years of its establishment, Yonex produced only badminton racquets. Later they experimented with building tennis racquets and were quite successful in this endeavor. This Japanese brand is one of the best tennis racquets brands, well appreciated by players around the world.

Yonex tennis racquets are quite affordable so that nobody feels left out. Yonex is well known for the isometric shape of its frames. The large frames of the Yonex tennis racquets offer a bigger sweet spot for an amazing playing experience. The Ezone line launched by Yonex is extremely well known for its great control ability.

Yonex also manufactures badminton racquets which are well-liked by its customers. Yonex has a big presence in the tennis world and produces high-quality racquets for all levels of players. The Yonex racquets provide a large hitting area so you could use the maximum of your ability.

5. Prince

Prince originally started manufacturing tennis ball machines and later expanded its business to building tennis racquets. This American company has been around since the 1970s, and it keeps on progressing in other sporting equipment as well.

Prince is quite famous for its designs and the use of innovative technologies. The extreme string pattern technology used in Prince’s racquets offers a good amount of spin on the court. Players make use of such technologies to enhance their game level. The vast range of technologies used by Prince makes it a risk-taking racquet brand always looking to produce quality products.

Prince tennis racquets offer a lot of power and spin. They have been manufacturing racquets for all kinds of players, making them one of the best racquet brands. Prince may not be as popular as the other brands on this list, but it has a loyal fan base, always waiting for its new releases.

6. Dunlop

Dunlop is another famous tennis racquet brand based in England. Dunlop has built its reputation over the years by making collaborations with the ATP tour and Australian Open tournament. Many players in Grand slams have used the Dunlop tennis racquets, and this brand never disappoints as it plays a huge role in a players’ win.

In terms of racquet design, Dunlop makes use of modern style aesthetics to please its customers. Dunlop’s wide variety of tennis lines offers multiple options for all kinds of players. Dunlop builds its racquets with special consideration to the styles of individual players.

Dunlop has come up with several technologies to provide its customers with an outstanding playing experience. The PowerGrid string tech increases the sweet spot to give players a large hitting center. Similarly, Sonic Core technology reduces the vibrations caused during ball impact.

7. Tecnifibre

Tecnifibre is another recognized French brand that produces squash and tennis equipment. Tecnifibre initially started making racquet strings from polyurethane material and later decided to jump into the business of tennis racquet manufacturing. Tecnifibre is a globally known brand and has built its reputation in the tennis world through high-quality tennis racquets.

Tecnifibre has the privilege of being the official partner of the ATP world tour. Along with racquets, Tecnifibre also produces high-quality, specialized racquet strings needed for spin and control over the ball. Tecnifibre racquets are used by both professional players as well as young junior players.

Tecnifibre aims to offer absolute comfort to players during play. Their racquets provide control and power to enhance playability. Tecnifibre makes use of amazing racquet technologies; one of them is Dynacore technology. Dynacore offers flexibility to the racquet frame for easy movement on the court. It is one of the best tennis racquets brands due to its high-performance products and is gaining popularity day by day.

8. Volkl

Volkl is a german sports equipment brand and has been manufacturing tennis racquets for all kinds of players. Volkl initially started its business by manufacturing skis but later on expressed its interest in producing tennis equipment.

Their racquets are easy to use, which makes them the best choice for beginner players who want to start their tennis careers. Volkl is known to experiment with different technologies to offer its users the most high-quality products.

The technologies used by Volkl for their racquets are carefully tried and tested. Their tennis racquets go through various testing stages before it lands in the hands of their customers. The BioSensor technology used in the shaft and grip of the Volkl racquets reduces the effect of vibrations to a maximum degree. This well-reputed racquet brand needs to be considered by all tennis fans.

9. Pacific

Pacific is a famous sporting goods brand that originated from Germany and New Zealand. Pacific was introduced in place of the previous Fischer tennis and Racquet company in 2009. And since then, the Pacific has been making quality tennis-playing equipment to cater to a wide number of customers. Along with racquets, the Pacific is very active in producing grips and strings for all kinds of racquets in different sports.

It uses many technologies in its racquet manufacturing process to produce a quality product that is well-liked by its customers. Some of these technologies are the Basalt X technology, which offers stability in racquet handling, and the Precise Grip system, which allows you to change grip according to your size, by putting it on the handle without needing glue.

The Pacific racquet brands may not be as well known as the other brands on this list. Still, it certainly has made a positive impact on its customers by offering stable and good quality control-oriented tennis racquets.

10. Donnay

Donnay Sports is a Belgium-based sports equipment brand and has been around for a long time. Donnay started with building wooden racquets and was well recognized for its racquets in the 70s.

The Donnay tennis racquets are well known for offering a high level of comfort. A players’ biggest concern when it comes to playing tennis is arm injuries. They solve this issue effectively with their Xenecore technology. This technology absorbs vibrations of the strings when the ball hits the stringbed of the racquet.

Its arm-friendly racquets are quite suitable for players who want to avoid injuries. Most of these players are new players who shouldn’t be discouraged by the high-end racquets only suitable for professional players. That is why it is essential to consider this brand if you’re just getting into tennis.

Ultimate Guide to Choose a Best Tennis Racquet

Tennis is a prestigious game well-liked by people, even those who only watch it. You can’t deny the charm of this game. Buying a new tennis racquet is no easy task to accomplish as there are many brands out there, all looking to sell you their best products. Before you go and put your money on something that looks shiny and colorful, you must consider important things such as what kind of a player you are? Are you a beginner? Or an advanced player?

These things are important because it tells you the kind of racquet that is suitable for you. For example, beginner players cannot generate power easily, so they need a powerful racquet with a large head size. Whereas an advanced player usually goes for smaller head size.

In the game of tennis, it is important to improve your skills and gradually go from being an entry-level player to an advanced player. But it all requires carefully considering your skill level and abilities as a player.

This guide is a detailed guide about the things you need to consider before you go and buy a new racquet. And hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll feel a little less intimidated by the large number of tennis racquets available.

Types of Tennis Players

Before deciding on a new racquet, it is important to know in which category you lie. The main three categories are beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. Each of the above categories has different specifications when it comes to making tennis racquets. Tennis racquet brands make special considerations for these categories, and they have racquets for all kinds of players to cater to a large number of players. These categories are precisely explained below.


If you are a beginner tennis player, then you need a lightweight racquet. Light racquets are easy to move and swing on the court & especially a good choice for beginner adults. Brands launch lightweight racquets for the sole purpose of pleasing their new customers.

Other than the weight of the racquet, racquets which have a large head size are best suitable for beginners. The entire string area, together with the racquet frame, makes up a racquet head, measured in square inches. The benefit of a large head is that you get a bigger hitting area, and you cannot miss hitting the ball.

Racquets with large head sizes are more powerful. As a beginner player, you need a powerful racquet because initially, you won’t be able to generate your power as your body isn’t used to the routine of tennis. Beginner players also look for comfort in a racquet, which is a big point of concern as it helps you avoid injuries.


Intermediate tennis players are those who have gotten used to this game by playing for a long period and are now looking to experiment with racquets to enhance their playing skills.

Intermediate players tend to go for moderately heavy racquets to achieve more control over ball placement. As an intermediate player, mid-weight racquets offer increased stability in racquet handling. Challenging yourself to learn a few tricks and master techniques is all part of the great game of tennis. And that is how you will move up the ladder of your tennis career.

If you are an intermediate player, then you should avoid using large head sizes. You need to get used to playing with relatively smaller heads as compared to the ones you used previously. If you were previously using a 105 square inch head, then try getting a racquet with a 100 square inch head. This will improve your control over the racquet, letting you hit from all angles like flat hits, etc.


If you are an advanced player, then you must have been playing tennis for years in club-level tournaments. Being an advanced player, you probably have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Advanced players have a good body physique and strength, thanks to the long hours of training on the court.

So, these players don’t have to worry about generating power as their strong arms take care of that. For this reason, advanced players tend to go for smaller racquet heads as it offers more control. Consequently, advanced players always go for smaller heads of about 98 square inches and control-oriented racquets in general.

The racquets best suitable for advanced players are the ones that offer good stability and control. Advanced players often make modifications to their racquet according to their style for improved performance. Once you learn your playing style, you can increase the weight of your racquet for better stability. The key here is to learn with time and experiment with different racquets.

Important Aspects to Consider when Buying a Tennis Racquet

Now that you know in which category of players you lie, it is time to learn about some of the important attributes and aspects of a tennis racquet that makes it best for your game. The word ‘best’ does not mean the most expensive; it simply means something that enhances and adds to your abilities.

A vast range of different racquet lines is present so that each player can match their style to the specific attributes of the racquets. Some racquets are heavy while others are lightweight; some have a large head size while others have a smaller head size. All these necessary attributes are explained down below to give you a better understanding of what to look for in a racquet.

Head Size of Racquet

As previously explained, the racquet head is the upper part of the racquet, which makes up the strings and the frame. Head sizes range from 97 to 115 square inches. The head is the most important part of the racquet because you hit the ball with this part. So, your racquet head should be firm and give you enough area to make solid contact with the ball.

A bigger head size, let’s say a 105 square inch head, will offer a large sweet spot for accurately hitting the ball. For those of you who don’t know what a sweet spot is, it is the center of the racquet stringbed where the ball usually makes an impact.

A racquet that offers a large sweet spot is ideal for beginner players because a big enough hitting area won’t allow you to miss hitting the ball. Moreover, large head sizes generate a lot of hitting power, which is something that novice players lack in their early days of playing tennis. The only downside to large heads is that you get less control over the ball.

The racquets with smaller head sizes are better suitable for players who have years of experience playing tennis. Such players can generate power by themselves. They don’t need to rely on racquets for power as their main focus is maintaining control over the ball. And that is why these players go for smaller heads.


Comfort is an essential attribute to look for in a racquet. If you don’t feel comfortable with the way the racquet feels when the ball strikes the stringbed, then you need to reconsider the choice of your racquet. As an entry-level player, you need a racquet that lessens the vibrations received on ball impact as it can cause injuries.

When the ball comes in contact with the racquet, you receive an abrupt shock, which is something a new player may not enjoy. It takes time to get used to these aspects, but anyhow, you should go for a racquet that is shock absorbent or at least reduces the effect of a shock to a greater degree. Several racquet brands experiment with innovative technologies to avoid such issues.


Weight is another important attribute of a racquet. There are racquets that are light while others are heavy. A light racquet can weigh from 8.5 ounces up to 11 ounces. The purpose of the lightweight racquets is to provide easy handling. Lightweight racquets are arm-friendly and do not make you exert too much force when making a swing.

Beginner players usually go for lightweight racquets while experienced players go for heavier racquets. For a beginner player, a lightweight racquet is easy to carry around when making angled shots. But lighter racquets offer less stability and control. And as a new player, you need a racquet that is easy to use, and everything else comes later when you have gotten used to playing.

Experienced players choose heavy racquets as it gives them increased stability and power. These players have good stamina, so they are not concerned about adding extra weight to the racquet. It keeps them stable on the ground while making attacking shots. So, if you can handle more weight, then you should buy a heavy racquet for better performance.


The balance of a racquet decides how stable and maneuverable a racquet is. There are three types of racquet head balance; head heavy, headlight, and an evenly balanced racquet both towards the head and the handle. A heavy head racquet is heavier at the head and lighter at the handle where you hold the racquet.

Head heavy racquets are best suitable for beginner players as it offers them more power when hitting the ball. The overall weight of these racquets is light. The lightweight handle of the racquet makes it easy to move around when going for a solid hit.

On the other hand, headlight racquets are lighter towards the head and heavier at the handle. These racquets are more stable due to their overall heavyweight. A headlight racquet offers good maneuverability and is easy to move when playing defensive shots.

The racquets with equal weight at both the head and the handle are evenly balanced. These racquets come in the category of midweight racquets. It offers a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability.


Length is another attribute of a tennis racquet that is considered to play a significant role in your game. Most racquets come with a standard length of 27 inches. Some tennis racquets are longer than the standard length. The extra length of these racquets offers more reaching power for groundstrokes.

The extended-length racquets are better suitable for newer players who don’t have much experience with this game. As for the advanced players, they usually go for the standard length.


This article has carefully explained the need to buy a tennis racquet that is best suitable for your skill level and style. It also explains the best racquet brands that you should consider when deciding on a new racquet. All this information must be enough to get you the best tennis racquet for having an outstanding playing experience.

  • Among the above-reviewed tennis racquets, our recommended pick is the Head Graphene 360 for its amazing control and spin-friendly ability on the court.


Have some questions? We already answered them for you!

What is the most powerful tennis racquet?

The most powerful tennis racquet is the Babolat Pure Aero due to its good spin ability and control.

Is a lighter or heavier tennis racquet better?

It all depends on whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. Beginner players usually go for lighter racquets while advanced players go for heavier racquets.

Does a heavier tennis racquet give you more power?

Yes, heavier racquets allow for more power, but you should be able to swing it smoothly. Only intermediate or advanced players go for heavy racquets.

What are tennis racquets made of?

Most tennis racquets are made up of graphite or materials combined with graphite such as titanium and Kevlar.

How much does a good tennis racquet cost?

A good tennis racquet would cost you somewhere around 80$ or somewhat similar to that. If you can increase your budget to 100$, then you can expect the best tennis racquet.

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