10 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Just starting out on tennis and confused about which racquet to pick? Choosing the best tennis racquets for beginners is an extremely complex task. It is also the most crucial part as your racquet will determine your game. It impacts everything associated with tennis.

To make sure you select a perfect for your hand, we have brought you the leading tennis racquets for beginners recommended by professional trainers and players. They have been engineered and crafted to give you the most convenient and productive playing experience.

Pick your ultimate racquet depending on head size, grip size, and the weight you are comfortable playing. Let’s get into the detailed review of the 10 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners.

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners Reviews

1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis racquet

Looking for the best tennis racquet to start at the novice level? Wilson US Open Racquet is not only affordable but also a hallmark for quality. It has been intelligently designed to fit your needs from the junior level and gradually master you in tennis. This racquet is also used in junior championships due to its quality and robust craftsmanship.

If your kid is a junior tennis player, then Wilson US Open Racquet is the best tennis racquet, to begin with. With 19 inches of size, it easily has an ergonomic design to provide a full grip on the handle leading to full control on the head. The aluminum construction ensures that the racquet sustains tough gameplays and lasts for a longer time.

Head size plays a critical role in determining the performance of a tennis racquet. The bigger head size imparts more power to the hot while the smaller head size imparts control and precision. Similarly, weight, heavier tennis racquets are more stable as they tend to absorb shocks. Contrary to that, lighter racquets let you maneuver the spin.

Wilson US Open Racquet has the perfect head size for beginners and length suited to different age groups. There are different head sizes appropriate for different ages. With the help of the chart given in the guide, the selection is made extremely easy for you.

The racquet varies with age and height. For junior players below eight years, you can pick a 23″ tennis racquet. It is essential to have a racquet that perfectly locks in your hand. So, don’t compromise on size if you want your junior or yourself to excel in tennis. If you are 11 years or older, you are recommended to buy a 27″ racquet to enter professional tennis playing.

Wilson Company has facilitated the junior and who are beginners at an early age. Likewise, the design and size guidelines perfectly fit a specific age group to let them maneuver the skill gradually with perfectionism. Not only that, but it is also extremely budget-friendly and will not be a burden on your pocket.


  • Reliable and durable aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for beginner junior players
  • Size instructions
  • Easy to swing
  • Good control


  • No case

2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

With crafted design and structure for beginners, Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 and provides a flawless combination of balance and weight. It will let you excel tennish not only at a beginner level but intermediate level as well. You can purchase the model in different head sizes depending on your requirement.

The mid-plus racquet has 95 sq inches of head size while oversize has 110 sq inches of head size. We will be focusing on the oversized head because of the extra power it supplies. This also gives a precise sweet spot and makes hitting a lot simpler. Measuring 27″ inches in length, Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 imparts better reach and swing.

It comes pre-strung, so you are ready to hit a few shots in no time. The string pattern measures 16 × 20 inches. The closed pattern assists in hitting softball but is not great for generating topspin. The pattern and oversized head combine to give better control of the ball.

However, if you want more spin, then you can go for an open-strung pattern. The sweet spot is provided by a heavy head from 10 points and a dual taper beam of 28 mm. Along with the features of the sweet spot, oversized head Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 utilizes modern technology in construction.

Hyper carbon is used in space technology, which has been employed in Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3. It is graphite with an ultra-high modulus that imparts versatility to design. It makes racquet four times stronger than ordinary racquets, stiffer, and also 65% lighter as compared to other racquets. You can not only produce stronger shots but controlled shots.

It weighs only 9 ounces due to its hyper-carbon composition. However, due to lightness, you will feel vibrations and shock in the arm. It is advised you use a premium quality shock absorber as well with Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3.

In the end, Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is one of the most sturdy and resilient racquets available for beginners. The hyper-carbon construction will make you feel like you are holding a feather.

You should buy it if you are a recreational and occasional player. It is versatile enough to let you excel in the game in every aspect.


  • Hyper carbon material
  • Pre-strung
  • Comes in two head size
  • Long length
  • Lightweight
  • Larger beam width
  • Head heavy frame


  • Too much power
  • Unstable due to heavy vibrations

3. Wilson Tour Slam tennis racquet

Looking to invest in a cheap yet high-performing best tennis racquet for yourself? Wilson Tour Slam is another premium quality racquet making to the list of Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners. Unlike many others available in the market, it is absolutely compatible with amateur to intermediate level.

Packed with immense power Wilson Tour Slam has perfect weight and length to suit the skill level. You will get spin, momentum, power, maneuverability along with precision. You can choose the desired color to match your uniform or kit. Wilson claims that it has been built with volcanic frame technology, which supplies extra power and stability.

Equipped with Stop Shock Pads, you do not have to fear vibrations reaching your hand. The open string pattern measures 16 x 19 inches, which provides you with the needed spin. The racquet is received pre-strung and has been applauded for its affordability. There are lesser intersections and large gaps between strings. In that case, there is a greater rebound.

The power-strung bridge technology makes it solids compared to competitors. It provides power and stability to your shots and hitting technique. The heavy head frame also contributes to overall power. The racquet measures 27.5 inches in length and is extremely lightweight. The oversized head is 112 sq inches.

The large-sized sweet spot supplies a bundle of power to shot with less energy from players. Upon ordering, you will not receive a case or protective cover to keep your racquet safe. With too much power, you might feel your natural game being interrupted. Additionally, if you have small hands, you will face difficulty in having a grip on the handle.

Wilson Tour Slam has impressed a lot of novice tennis players with its beginner-friendly nature. It’s worth the price and great value of money.

You won’t need to change the racquet with progress as it supports the intermediate level as well. It is a decent mixture of quality and control that you will rarely find in another option.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Affordable
  • Large head size
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Overpowering sometimes

4. HEAD Ti S6 the Lightest Tennis Racquet for beginners

Head has been the leading manufacturer of quality tennis racquets suited for not only beginners but also professionals. HEAD Ti S6 is the best tennis racquet for beginners in the market because of how flawlessly it combines power, weight, and balance for players. Still not convinced? Read the review for further details.

HEAD Ti S6 measures 27.75″ in length with a massive head size of 115 sq inches. It feels hefty in hand with a solid grip on the handle. The unique design of the racquet has been finished with titanium and graphite used in the structure. This gives it long-lasting durability and sturdiness.

SofTac™ Grip and ShockStop™ utilized in construction further provide the feature of shock absorption and vibration reduction. The large size not only helps you reach and hit the ball quicker, but it also increased the distance with racquet and hand. This allows you to spin the racquet freely and maximizes the torque.

HEAD Ti S6 weighs 8.9 ounces or 252g, making it one of the lightest tennis racquets available in the market. The stiffness of 75 with a thick 28.5mm straight beam body supplies agility and power to design. The string bed is formed by a highly specialized synthetic head gut of 61 lbs. The string pattern provides topspin to the ball and is durable enough to go without maintenance for a long time.

115 sq inches of head size gives the extra edge to beginners not to miss the ball completely. It might not be good for off-center center shots but for making the ball cross the net, Superb! Additionally, HEAD Ti S6 feels extremely lightweight in hand to let you practice for longer hours reducing arm fatigue.

HEAD Ti S6 is the best combination of seat spot, head size, balance, and strength, making it the best tennis racquets for beginners in the market. For the price of under 100 dollars, you might not get the best-engineered racquet like S6. It is low cost and suitable for your occasional hitting on the tennis court.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Arm friendly
  • Oversized head
  • Graphite and titanium built


  • Vibrations on hand
  • Not suitable for advance players

5. HEAD Ti. Conquest The Best cheap tennis racquet for beginners

Head has made its mark on the sports industry by manufacturing sports equipment for all types of games. Head Ti. Conquest has also gained a reputation and has been enlisted as Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners.

If you are just having your take on tennis at the initial level, then you do not need to look for another racquet.

It is made up of titanium in combination with graphite to give it a more durable build. Both components perform their job very well. Titanium gives solidity, strength, and robustness. On the other hand, graphite imparts durability and lightness. The colors are vibrant, including electric blue and yellow.

Talking about the dimensions, the length of Head Ti. The conquest is 70 cm, and the racquet top measures 752 square inches ideally suitable for beginners. The string pattern is 16 × 19 inches for perfect spin and maneuverability. With just 252 grams of weight, you will find it extremely easy to handle. There is variation in grip sizes, so you can choose what fits your body and hand the most.

You can select between 4 ½ inches to 4 ⅝ inches of grip sizes. Control and balance are some of the most important factors in the tennis racquet and Head Ti. Conquest outperforms both of them. The ultra-light titanium and headlight balance work together in perfect fashion to impart stability. It also reduces vibrations during the hitting of the ball.

The large sweet spot allies you to hit the ball over the longer distance powerfully. The use of nano titanium technology makes the structure resilient and resistant to breakage and damage. Head Ti. Conquest measures 27 inches in length, which is fairly large as compared to other racquets. Along with that, there are head size measures 108 sq inches.

Lastly, Head Ti. Conquest costs only $21. You will rarely find a quality product at this price. Unlike other racquets where players face issues with grip as it is larger or small according to their hand size. He provides you with options to choose from to give the most convenient and comfortable playing experience.


  • Nano titanium and graphite technology
  • 27 inches of length
  • Two grip sizes
  • Headlight balance
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Does not supples a lot of power

6. Head MicroGel Radical tennis racquet

Whenever a Tennis player is looking for a racquet, the versatility of Head MicroGel Radical Racquet makes it the most popular choice. Specifically for beginners.

The use of advanced technology by the manufacturer makes the racquet extremely effective in absorbing the shock wave received when the ball hits the racquet and further distributes it equally all over the body, making it very comfortable to strike.

The head of the racquet is 98 square inches with a beam 21 mm long. The string pattern of the racquet is composed of an area of 18 x 20. The racquet overall weighs 10.4 Oz and comes with a standard length of 27 inches. Thus you have full control over the spin and swing of shot and ball.

In MicroGel Technology, the use of special silicone material having an extremely low density makes the racquet very lightweight and comfortable to play with. Moreover, the addition of stiff carbon fibers in construction makes it extremely durable and efficient.

The use of this unique combination of material makes the Head MicroGel racquet deform and compress when in contact with the ball and disperse the shock in the complete frame of the racquet. This phenomenon makes it very handy and comfortable for players to perform well in the game.

It is also highly recommended for intermediate to advanced players who prefer control over everything else. With Head MicroGel Radical Racquet in hand, you can apply more spins to your strokes, and it will help you play long and fast strokes while controlling the landing of the ball and how deep into the court it goes. This is designed for players seeking excellent feel, control, and maneuverability.

With other racquets, you will feel shocks and vibrations in hand. However, Head MicroGel Radical Racquet has brought the solution to your problem if you are bothered by vibrations in hand. It has been specially engineered for a stable and convenient game experience. You will not feel any discomfort or fatigue in hand; that’s why it is the best tennis racquet for beginners.


  • Microgel technology
  • Good for beginner to professional level
  • Increase in width
  • Lightweight
  • Gives enhanced control


  • Smaller sweet spot

7. Wilson Federer Adult tennis racquet

If you have started playing tennis and want to buy a good racquet then must try Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet. The Manufacturer Wilson has an excellent reputation in the market for making extremely fine quality tennis racquets. Anyone who uses it always gives a positive response with no exception.

This racquet is highly recommended for beginners to intermediate players.

It is made of a lightweight frame, which makes it easy for a new player to swing it easily and improve his skills with practice and time. Advance players can also use it after a break in-game due to injury or any other circumstances, and it will help them a lot in gaining their skills and endurance back in no time.

The notable features that include Wilson Federer Strung into the list of best tennis racquets for beginners are the oversized head of 110 sq inches and carbon fiber body. Along with arc technology and carbon fiber body, the design and structure are extremely stables and controlled.

Its affordability and positive reviews of users made it a popular choice for players. In addition to this availability of anti-shock absorber pads and extremely comfortable handgrip makes it unique and gives a very comfortable feel to players.

While there are different types of racquets available but playing with Wilson Federer’s adult strung tennis racquet will improve your posture of gripping and help you play better. The best thing is it does not need a lot of energy and effort to hold it. The lightweight frame of this racquet makes it very easy to handle. What all is needed is to just hold it right and start playing.

Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet has everything you will need in your go-to racquet. It has reduced vibrations, a large head size, a stable and solid body, and a perfect string pattern. You will not face issues with the grip as the perforated grill provides more control. Thus, it is an all-in-one racquet that is a great value for money.


  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Arc technology
  • Stop shock pads
  • Perforated grip


  • Less durable

8. Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber The Best Spin Tennis Racquet for beginners

If we could mention one racquet that has made waves in tennis games beating the other competitors, it will be Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber.

Undoubtedly, it is the best tennis racquet for beginners recommended by trainers and professionals. Equipped with advanced materials and technology, it is a crafter for amateur players.

The racquet has a unique shape when compared with competitors. The triangular shape has been tested and proven for shock absorption. By the support of the handle and frame, all the unwanted vibrations and shocks are absorbed rather than reaching the hand. The handle is made of wood, so solid grip.

To further prevent the shock, there is also handle glue for shock absorption. The glue also provides a grip for better rotation at specific handles. All the threading holes located on the racquet have an independent position for the rubber hole. A double hole threading technique has been used, which gives an eye-pleasing appearance to design.

The independent hole imparts durability and stability with protection to the ball line. It also maximized the elasticity on the point of contact of the ball with a racquet. Aluminum and carbon fiber has been used to compose the structure with a wooden handle. The mesh belt, equipped with durability, also provides stability.

Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber weighs 0.61 lbs and is extremely light to hold. With 685 mm of length and 110 sq inches of head size, it is suitable for both men and women. There is a gip size of 4 ⅜ inches. You don’t have to worry about the case as you will bag and tennis grip in accessories.

At an affordable price, you are not only getting racquets but the case as we. Nearly all the companies charge for cover, but opium is providing it for free. The four ⅜ inches of grip size is suited for both men and women or beginners and professionals. So, you do not need to worry about losing your money on the wrong investment.


  • Carbon fiber built
  • Double hole technology threading
  • Wood handle
  • Triangular shape
  • Bag and grip is provided


  • Needs restringing

9. Wilson K Zero Best tennis racquet for female beginner

Best suited for occasional and professional tennis players, Wilson K Zero can be your ideal pick as it is the best tennis racquet for beginners. It is an extremely lightweight racquet with oversized heads, which are the most notable features everyone looks for in a racquet. The reason behind K in the name are three advanced technologies that we will discuss in further review.

Wilson K Zero weighs 9.1 ounces even lightest than the standard weight of 10 ounces. You will not notice the difference unless you hit some shots. It has more swing and motions as compared to other racquets in the market. There is less use of effort with the great output because of design.

However, with lightweight come the shocks and vibrations for which you can use shock absorbers. There is an equal distribution of weight along with the head due to 4 points head heavy. As an inspiration from Roger Federer, Wilson K Zero features [K]ompact Center with a short yoke. The yoke is triangular shaped, which appears on the throat of the design.

It is equipped with 118 sq inches of head size for powerful and immediate shots. [K]arophite Black and [K]ontour Yoke technologies have been introduced in Wilson K Zero for increased sturdiness. [K]aophite Black has been used to make the material. It is an advanced material with additional bonds of graphite and SiO2 molecules at the nano level. It not only makes the design dense but also stiff because of [K]ontour Yoke.

[K]ompact Center, [K]arophite Black, and [K]ontour Yoke are the most dominant and notable features about Wilson K Zero. You will not regret buying it as it is made with advanced material, which gives it more verbalize functionality as compared to other racquets.


  • 118 sq inches of head size
  • [K] Factor technology imparts stability and mobility
  • Comes Pre-strung
  • Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme


  • Lack of control

10. Babolat 2015 Best tennis racquet for beginner player

Babolat has made noticeable improvements in the sports equipment with the products topping the lists. It has been in the industry for decades, providing the best sports equipment to the players. It has been the most trusted racquet for over the years since its launch in the 90s.

Further improvement was made in 2015 with the addition of Frame String Technology.

The string pattern was altered and tightened in the sweet spot for greater performance and control. RA of 72 provides stiffness and robustness, which means it’s a whole bundle of power. The head size measured 100 sq inches, and the length is standard 27 inches. Variable beam width of 23.5 mm / 26 mm / 23 mm ensures immense power on just tap.

The structure is built from graphite, which is a famous material used to impart strength and resilience to the design. Moreover, you can control the shot from low to medium power. The stroke style can be varied from medium to full and swing speed from medium to fast, depending on the need.

The strung weight is 11.2 oz, which is helpful in hitting with speed and pace at the same time. The strung pattern is 16 x 19 inches, which makes it simple to flatten the balls and hit short balls. Thus you will not regret playing with Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet.

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet can be your ultimate weapon for gameplay. It ultimately has everything from power to stability. With small effort and force, you can effortlessly drive the ball through the court. You can hit short balls, softballs, Center off drives with excellence.


  • Frame Strung Technology
  • 11.2 oz strung weight
  • Open string pattern
  • More control overpower 72 stiffness


  • Expensive

Wrapping Up:

After reading the review, you have the best possible information about the best tennis racquets for beginners. Head size, grip size, weight are some of the important factors you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. These features will make or break your tennis game, determining the performance.

A racquet should always match your playing style. If you are willing to level up your tennis game, then these are the best available racquets you can invest in. They are affordable yet outperforming, letting you advance to the intermediate level in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should you pick a tennis racquet for a beginner?

Picking your tennis racquet is extremely simple if you have understood your game style and level. Always take into account balance, weight, string pattern, shock pad to pick the best tennis racquet for a beginner.

What is a good tennis racquet for beginners?

According to our analysis HEAD, the Ti S6 tennis racquet is the best tennis racquet for beginners. It is suiter for all novice players despite their age.

What should I look for when buying a tennis racquet?

Regardless of which level you are buying for either professional, intermediate, or beginner. There are certain factors that play a critical role. You should always look for grip size, head size, and weight.

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