Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Female Player In 2022 Reviews

If you are looking for the best tennis racquet to play as an intermediate female player, there is a huge variety that can be found in the market. However, knowing what features and characteristics one should look out for will help when it comes down to choosing which brand or model of your choice would work better than others.

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Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Female Player Reviews

1. HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP – Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Female Player

HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP Tennis Racquet is a comfortable, lightweight racquet that will generate easy power. With a clean feel and dampened feeling at contact, players can enjoy the comfort of having this racquet with them on the court.

The specially designed cross-section comes to help by providing players with easy power generation while creating comfortable flex. The head has been specifically designed for a better grounding in order to maximize performance levels during groundstrokes for an optimal game experience.

Whip around on long strokes knowing HEAD’s graphics are built into this product where you’ll find their traditional design paired alongside innovative technology like graphene and instinct core tennis racquets which all provide extreme quality gameplay while maintaining effortless handling during use.

The racquet is weighted for players who are generally around the intermediate or advanced level. This has been designed to provide the player with an easy-to-use, fast-paced, lightweight experience while still maintaining all of the technology needed in order to meet the demands of serious play. The racquet weighs in at 300g (10.6oz) and comes standard with a 16×19 string setup which will be able to handle medium impact speeds during gameplay.

Head Size100 in
Grip Size4 5/8
Length27 in
Strung Weight11.2oz / 318g
Unstrung Weight10.6oz / 300g
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelIntermediate & Advanced

2. LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Women

The LUNNADE Adult Tennis Racquet is ready to go right out of the package, with a pre-strung version for an easier assembly process. It’s comfortable and has plenty of space to create powerful shots thanks to its expanded sweet spot. This means it won’t matter who you’re playing against because your skills will be up to par.

The shockproof carbon fiber frame will offer durability and stability on impact giving you consistent power for better performance. This intermediate-level tennis racquet comes pre-strung and equipped with a comfortable grip that won’t slip out of hand during a stroke even in the most intense points of play.

This tennis racquet is wrapped with a shockproof sweatband for ultimate comfort. It’s super lightweight so you can easily maneuver the ball. Choose this racquet if you’re an intermediate female player who wants to play competitively or just want something fun with friends. LUNNADE is perfect for tournaments too!

MaterialCarbon Aluminum
Head Size102 in²
Grip Size4 3/8
Length27 in
Unstrung Weight280g
Skill LevelBeginner to intermediate

3. Wilson Adult Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Females

A best Wilson tennis racquet, which is built for you to dominate the court from now on. Designed with a bigger sweet spot and reduced racquet vibration, this racquet gives you absolute control over your shots at all times, as well as an improved feel. 

With this racquet in hand, it’s easy forgiving those small errors as the lightweight design allows for total maneuverability during any point of the play, providing a confidence boost that can turn into pure domination.

The oversized head provides extra stability and power while the comfortable grip gives you ultimate precision at your fingertips, making this a classic piece of equipment any woman looking to take her game up a notch should have.

4. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet for Women

If you’re looking for a new racquet to make your game great, it’s time for the HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet. This powerful racquet with an excellent feel has the perfect balance of strength and weight that brings out your confidence on the court. The S6 is comfortable enough for beginners but also offers stability and power at forehand and backhand shots for intermediate players.

The HEAD Ti.S6 is designed for females on the court. The lighter weight and non-flexible frame make this ideal for intermediate players who are looking for maximum power.

The HEAD Ti.S6 is great for somebody living their sporting dream on the hard courts while staying on budget!

Head Size115 square inches
Grip Size4 1/4
Length27 3/4
Weight300 Grams
String Pattern16×19
Skill LevelBeginner & Intermediate

5. Senston Tennis Racquet-27 for Intermediate Females

The Senston Tennis Racquet is one of the best professional racquets on the market. It’s got an easy grip with durability standards to stand up against anything you throw at it. 

Lightweight, well strung, and high intensity, this racquet will last you a long time, enhance your power, and spin for competitive play.

With its innovative design and improved grip, this exciting new tennis racquet will help intermediates perform at their best.

Give the Senston Tennis Racquet a try if you need that extra edge for winning!

Head Sizemid+ (96-100 inch2)
Grip Size2 (4-1/4 inch)
Length27 inches
Strung Weight280g
Unstrung Weight260g
Skill LevelBeginner, Professional

6. Babolat Pure Drive Best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate Females

The Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet is an intermediate-level racquet with a lightweight frame(graphite material) and shock absorbency that helps provide balance for those shots that you need to hit as deftly as ever.

When you hold this racquet in your hand, it fits just perfectly. The texture of the grip gives stability and is sturdy to your wrist so every stroke will be certain no matter how hard or soft it is.

The length of the handle was designed to make it easier on your arm muscle as you hinge your wrist during strokes. 

Made from high-quality material, this racquet will help increase control and precision over the ball during playtime. This not only makes it easier to win games but also enjoy those moments more as well.

Grip Size4 1/2
Weight300 Grams
Skill LevelIntermediate

7. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Best women’s tennis racquet intermediate

Designed to give you precise feels and faster swing times, HEAD’s latest racquet is what you need for getting your shots back. 

Sascha Zverev endorses the HEAD Graphene Racquet as a fantastic choice for those who want to play serious tennis today.

The 18×20 string pattern on this racquet helps it maintain more torque than other models on the market, giving players with some power an advantage without sacrificing maneuverability or control.

This is a great option if you like big swings and controlling the shot right off of contact, Head guarantees you’ll be satisfied with their favorite racquet upfront.

Head Size100 sq. in
Grip Size4 1/4
Strung Weight11.6 oz. / 330 g
Unstrung Weight11.1 oz. / 315 g
String Pattern18×20
Skill LevelIntermediate to Advanced

8. Babolat Pure Aero best babolat tennis racquet

Don’t just play like Rafael Nadal. Now you can also feel like him with the Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet. With every swing, the racquet head travels faster than any other in its category for more power and greater control on your shots. 

It has a pure feel that’s arm-friendly which minimizes vibration to make it comfortable for players of all levels to use without feeling too much tension.

The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is a partnership with SMAC and offers an excellent balance of weight, feel, and ergonomics for intermediate to advanced players who emphasize spin, accuracy, and ball control.

The frame provides smoothness in each shot with no interruption, meaning that you won’t need to be worried about running out of distance or momentum when playing at full speed.

The racquet is strung with Babolat RPM Blast string offers impressive durability while still providing incredible comfort.

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Head Size100 in
Grip Size4 1/2
Skill Level
Intermediate, advanced

Buyers Guide – Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Female Player

1. Weight and balance:

The best tennis racquet for an intermediate female player is usually a little bit lighter than the average. In general, it weighs between 270g (10oz) and 300g (10.6oz). However, there are some companies who have created special women’s models which are even lighter but they don’t offer any more benefits at all so you might as well go with a slightly heavier model if it’s within your budget.

As to its balance, it can be either regular or headlight depending on playing style and preferences, but it is more likely to be headlight due to the fact that it gets easier to lift the ball with these racquets.

2. Length:

Larger racquet heads provide better shots but if you are a beginner I would recommend going for a smaller one (22-23 inches) since it’s easier and faster to swing, especially when chasing after speeding balls. As your level improves you can then switch to larger ones and still experience an improvement in your game, even though not to as great of a degree as when switching from shorter ones.

3. Grip size:

Grip sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of your palm so make sure that you measure it accurately before buying because once the grip has been installed, changing it is something of a hassle. For females, the most common size is 4 5/8 inches (121mm) but you can also go for larger ones.

4. Power:

Even though there are models specially designed for power hitters, these features have usually been added only as an afterthought and they don’t offer any benefits at all in terms of speed or weight distribution so even if I am a strong player I would choose a lighter one with better features instead of going for the extra power feature which will not do me much good anyway.

5. Material:

Tennis racquets are made from a number of different materials; some are more durable than others and some offer better grip or flexibility than the rest while others offer a perfect compromise between speed and durability. The most common materials are graphite, titanium, and aluminum but you can also find racquets made of fiberglass and Kevlar.

Now that you know the basic characteristics and features of a good tennis racquet, be sure to choose one according to your playing style as well as your experience level because if a beginner buys an advanced model they will not stand a chance against more experienced players.

Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Female Player

Best Intermediate Female Tennis Player Racquet FAQs:

What size is a women’s tennis racquet?

The women’s tennis racquet is smaller than the regular size which is 100 square inches. The women’s racquet has a smaller grip that fits into women’s hands better and it weighs less as well.

Women are not as strong as men so they would be carrying around too much weight if they were to use the standard-sized tennis racquet.

Women have strength in their wrists, but not in their shoulders or arms as men do so women need to have a lighter racquet so it won’t take so much out of them when swinging.
Women regular racquets: 95 sq. in. and Men: 110 sq. in.

What is the best tennis racquet for intermediate?

Generally, the best tennis racquet for an intermediate player is a light version of a pro or adult-level racquet.

Many manufacturers make these lighter-weight versions that fit comfortably into the hands of many adult and junior players.

An example of such a racquet is the HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP. As long as one can effectively handle any racquet weight, this would be the best option for someone who wants to improve their game without having to change racquets constantly.

What’s the best intermediate women’s tennis racquet?

A women’s tennis racquet is not very different from a men’s one but it is smaller in size. Women are more conscious about their looks especially when they go to the court which means women players will prefer a women’s tennis racquet that offers them comfort and style at the same time.

A correctly sized women’s tennis racquet helps women to play better without any physical stress on their arms or shoulder area because of the heavy weight of the racquets. A women’s tennis racquet should be lightweight for easy handling but still offer good power with decent control over the ball.

But if you want some guidance then the best women’s tennis racquets below $100 would be:
HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Adult Energy XL Tennis Racquet
Senston Tennis Racquet

What should you consider buying the best tennis racquet for intermediate women players?

When you decide to buy a new tennis racquet, there are some factors to keep in mind:
1. Weight and Swing Speed
2. Strings Pattern
3. Grip Size


If you’re looking for the best tennis racquet for an intermediate female player, we think there are a few options worth considering.

Recommended Tennis Racquets:

However, even if you don’t agree with our top picks and prefer another model instead, we hope this post has helped clarify some of your choices in one way or another. Good luck!

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