8 Best Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings Reviews

Tennis racquet strings are a constant topic of discussion and debate among tennis players. Some choose to use natural gut, while others prefer synthetic gut for its durability and consistency.

It’s no wonder why the synthetic gut strings are so popular because they make it easier to play. The best synthetic gut tennis strings can be used in any type of weather and will last much longer than natural gut strings.

These strings are also perfect for players who like to hit hard, making them great for beginner or intermediate players as well.

This article reviews some of the best synthetic gut strings on the market today, the pros and cons of each, and then gives you the final ranking based on customer reviews in order to help you decide which one is right for you!

Comparison Table Of The Best Synthetic Gut Strings For Tennis

Best synthetic gut tennis strings Reviews

1. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 17g White Tennis String


  • Good power and control
  • With Duraflex
  • Durable
  • Perfect Spin

Feel confident in your swing with products from Prince. One of the most popular synthetic gut tennis strings, this Duraflex-enhanced string offers consistency and durability for an even better gameplay experience.  When you hit a flat to semi Cold (spin) ball, this string is perfect for power as well as control making your opponent work extra hard to win!

Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, the experts at Prince have made a perfect string for you. With enough power and control to use it for any situation in tennis, this string is one worth buying.

Duraflex has your back.  With a reliable string like Prince Synthetic Gut, you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent power or control again. Constantly outmaneuvering your opponent on the tennis court? Drag them in with this great product.

2. Gamma Sports 16g Synthetic Gut Tennis String


  • Durable
  • Leading edge equipment
  • Help you rule the court

It’s that time of year. Like clockwork, the days grow shorter and colder while your tennis season winds down. And it’s a good thing because you can finally dive into some dirt-side downtime made possible by Gamma Sports Synthetic Gut Tennis String.

We could talk all day about how this product brings out the best in your game with its signature playability and durability. But you don’t need to take our word for it-just line up these strings on your racquet now and see firsthand what makes Gamma the brand name leading players on tour around the world are looking for when they go shopping for stringing equipment at their local tennis shop or online order from an authorized retailer.

3. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String Reel

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex string is ideal for players who want a comfortable string that provides a superior feel. 

Their natural touch, ultra-low tension, and durability make them perfect for anything from complex trick shots to simple volleys. 

Stringing is easy with Prince’s patented knotless tapered construction which eliminates the need for scissors or segmented string loops by using natural knots as tie-off points in continuous loops.

The Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex string is more durable and will help you stay consistently competitive.

4. Dunlop Sports S Gut White Tennis String Set (16G)

Dunlop sports strings are made with the perfect balance of the gut and synthetic fibers. These powerful tennis strings will deliver quick response, incredible spin, tournament-grade control, and massive power. 

There’s also a lifetime guaranteed breakage promise! Try Dunlop string for huge game-changing results today:

Every set comes with 16 gauge tensions-nothing else compares to these rich tones. The Dunlop white gut plays consistently through all conditions while remaining relatively cool at impact giving you more ball control on every shot. Great for players needing durability as well as excellent quality sound and feel.

This economical synthetic gut has a monofilament core with elastic twisted monofilament outer wraps. Offers a nice blend of attributes from power to comfort to durability. 

This string is for beginners on the court as well as those who have more experience looking for an affordable alternative.

5. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String Set


  • Bi-directional Nomex X-Bands
  • Power string
  • Perfect Control
  • Hard on the arm

The Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String is a value-priced tennis string with a 16 gauge set and resilient construction that can handle a lot of power. 

This string set provides much-needed power to those who just want more from their game but also doesn’t sacrifice control or feel.

After about one week, these could be a little hard on the arm because they start to move. If you’re looking for an affordable solution with big benefits, look no further than the Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String.

6. Head Synthetic Gut PPS Multifilament Tennis Racquet String


  • Provides Power, control, and comfort
  • Durable
  • Budget string

With powerful shots, unmatched control, and comfort for intermediate players, the Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a must-have for players who want to take their game up a notch. 

Made from a combination of highly durable polyester fibers mixed with thinner multifilaments that combine durability and playability.

7. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String


This product enables players to have more consistency in their swing by eliminating the often-debilitating elbow pain that so many experienced when they played with a natural gut string. 

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex’s soft feel won’t hurt your elbow and it is nice for the money. So don’t be stuck feeling unhappy about how you’re destroying your own arm while supporting tennis! Switch to Prince synthetic strings today.

8. Gamma Synthetic Gut Series Tennis Racquet String


  • Balance Of Playability And Extra Durability
  • Budget String
  • Lots of spin

Gamma Synthetic Gut Series Tennis Racquet String is a great choice for the player looking for the balance between performance and durability. This string type tends to have more power but discloses less during heavy stroke production, making it an ideal option for players seeking control and finesse on their play.

At a low price point too, Gamma Syntothermic Strings will give balance in performance while deterring your wallet from unnecessary destruction.

It offers a lot of spins, but if you’re looking for power then this isn’t the string for you.

Buyers guide to choose the best synthetic gut tennis strings:

It’s true that the best tennis strings are made of synthetic materials. You can get them at a lower price than natural gut strings, and they don’t lose their tension during play as fast as natural gut strings do. If you hit hundreds of balls every day or have a string budget, you should consider going with the synthetic gut tennis strings over natural ones. They’re lighter on your pocket!

However, there is also a drawback to using synthetic gut tennis strings, they won’t last very long if you play 6 days out of 7. But for recreational players who just want something for their weekend matches or training sessions, this might not be such an issue. It all boils down to your usage and whether it justifies the expense or not.

Advantages of Playing with Synthetic gut Tennis Strings:

Some of the advantages you can get from using synthetic gut tennis strings include but are not limited to; Fairly inexpensive in price, they are very durable as compared to other types of string, they last for a long time than any natural or normal type of tennis string, and also found on almost every tennis racquet on the market nowadays because it’s so cheap to manufacture and keep up whereas Natural/cotton strings aren’t.

Best Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings Reviews

Synthetic gut tennis strings are used by the top professional players in this world today like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, but also many other ATP players who have won singles, doubles, or mixed titles on the pro tour.

Synthetic Gut has become so popular that even normal players like you and I are beginning to use them too, and their popularity isn’t going down anytime soon. It has stood the test of time in both durability tests as well as matches played by pro athletes every day around the world! SO it makes sense to switch over if you feel your game is going to the next level or even a notch below!


1. You can get more power and spin on your shots with synthetic gut strings.

2. They don’t lose tension fast, which means you’ll have to tune them less frequently, especially if you are a recreational player.

3. They cost less than any other strings like natural gut tennis strings because they’re made of artificial materials, but the quality of play is pretty much similar to that of higher-end natural gut tennis strings. 

so it’s a good option for anyone who has a tight budget or is saving up money for something else!


1. Synthetic gut tennis strings aren’t going to last as long as high-quality “natural” (i.e., untreated) string sets, so if you play a lot, this might not be the best option for you. Try them out first to see how they hold up!

2. Compared to natural gut strings, synthetic gut strings will break more frequently, although this isn’t really a drawback if your usage is just recreational. 

Besides that, synthetic tennis string materials are generally cheaper than natural gut ones, and there’s no way you’ll find raw materials used in making the latter at such low costs.


We hope you have found this article helpful in your quest to find the best synthetic gut tennis strings for your game. With all of the information we’ve given here, you should feel confident that any decision you make is going to be a good one.

what is the best synthetic gut tennis string?

Our Recommendations: 

  1. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex
  2. Gamma Sports 16g Synthetic Gut